How to Order the Best-Fitting Custom Suits Online

Every man’s wardrobe should have a smart suit that fits perfectly, is made with precision, and is made of quality fabric. 

Tailoring a suit to your specifications is akin to a work of art as it requires a personal touch and superior craftsmanship. Your suit consists of a jacket and a pair of trousers, both made from the same material.

Custom suits available online offer great convenience without compromising on the fabric, construction, and fit. 

A renowned brand specializing in tailoring suits uses hand techniques and has skilled masters can advise you while you place your order for custom suits online

Seeking professional help when it comes to taking your measurements, picking the fabric, and finalizing your suit style is preferable.

Wearing a well-tailored suit makes a powerful statement, so you must understand the fundamental features of this classic attire. Here’s what you need to look for when adding to your collection:

Jacket Fit

Your suit jacket must naturally conform to your shoulder contours and fit snugly without pulling around your body. You should be able to button up with ease, and your shirt cuff must slightly peep through under your jacket sleeves.

A proportionate jacket covers your rear just right without hanging loose. When your jacket length and sleeves are unusually long, it gives you a sloppy appearance.

Trouser Proportions

Your trouser’s hem should only touch the top of your shoe while the fit is trim without being tight. Ensure your trouser pockets lie flat against your sides while a slight tapering around your legs helps maintain a sharper look.

You can source and access premium, custom-made garments from the convenience of your home. While resorting to the online medium, expert advisors are made available to guide you through the entire process. Some fundamental tips to lay your hands on the best-fitting custom suits online are listed here:

Take Accurate Measurements

Hold the measuring tape around your body by placing two fingers between your body and the tape. Too tight a grip, and it can drastically change your measurements, misleading the person creating this attire from scratch.

For your chest measurements, stretch out both arms and wrap the tape from under your armpits and around your chest’s largest section. Bring your arms down and measure over them too. 

Your coat waist measurement is taken by wrapping the tape around your torso, above the hip bone. Wear a jacket and measure the distance between both shoulder seams. To assess the length, measure downwards from the center rear of your coat until you want your jacket to end.

Before taking your trouser measurements, empty your pockets. Place your tape around your waist, depending on where you wear your trousers, navel, or slightly below. 

Trouser dimensions require inseam (distance from the crotch to the hem) and outseam (distance from the waistband to the hem) specifications. Also, measure the area around your hips, the largest part of your thigh, and horizontally around your knees and leg openings.

Specify Your Preferred Fit

Suits can be tailored to reflect a classic or slim fit. At the outset, inform the company you are in discussions with regarding your preferred style to avoid disappointments subsequently.

Reconfirm the Fabric Shade

Colors appear a shade or two different on screen as opposed to when you view it in person. A monitor regulated to reflect authentic shades conveys the true picture. 

Whenever you need further clarity, do not hesitate to ask for the closest shade you can refer to at your end. It will give you a better idea of the fabric color chosen by you.

Familiarize Yourself with Company Policies

Check up on the shipping and return policies the concerned brand practices, so you know exactly what to expect. A manufacturer who is willing to replace the garment for free if there is a discrepancy in measurements is worth trusting.

For a first time buyer, a fit guarantee is an exciting proposition. When you order from the list of specific products under guarantee, you are entitled to a free remake with no questions asked. 

Make necessary inquiries regarding the shipping timeline of custom products and the costs involved. A specialist usually needs 2 to 3 weeks to tailor a made-to-measure quality suit, which should reach you within one week of dispatching it.

Once you take the plunge, solely focus on expanding your suit collection online. Rely on an expert who believes in exceptional service and quality tailoring and practices what they preach. Such an approach helps them forge a lasting relationship with you, the client.

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