What Outfits to Wear With A Varsity Jacket

The benefits of wearing a varsity jacket are overwhelming. You get a stylish garment, which can suit virtually any image. Varsity jackets are easy to clean. They look fantastic on girls, boys, men, and women. And the best part about them is that they never go out of style.

Is a varsity jacket right for you? We bet it is. If you’ve purchased a varsity jacket recently and are wondering which outfits would look good with it, we have a list you are bound to enjoy. Let’s dive into the world of varsity jacket fashion.

1. Jeans and a White T-Shirt

If you want to look classy without changing your wardrobe, jeans and a white T-shirt are excellent outfits to wear with a varsity jacket. Jeans can vary in style from ripped to classic. Meanwhile, a white T-shirt is, well, a white T-shirt.

No matter which type of jacket you choose, be it a letterman jacket or the strict leather varsity jacket, jeans and white t-shirts are a no-lose option.

2. T-shirt Dresses and Sneakers

T-shirt dresses look amazing on virtually all women. When you add white sneakers into the picture, you get a wholesome image, which is suitable for numerous occasions.

But what happens if it’s cool outside? Not all outerwear looks good with such a combination. But a varsity jacket is a perfect choice! Don’t hesitate to try this option for your next night out with friends or an outdoor sorority meeting.

3. Office Wear

Home Office

Did you know that you can wear your varsity jacket to the office? Many men and women opt out of buying this versatile garment because they think it looks bad with office wear. This is hardly the case!

If you take the right approach when choosing a varsity jacket, you can find the ideal one for your office style.

Today, classic pants and suits can look amazing with a black leather varsity jacket. Just trust us, and give your jacket a chance.

4. Short Shorts

If you want to look sexy without feeling cold on a cool summer night, wear your short shorts with a varsity jacket.

This combination is priceless regardless of the material your shorts are made of. Of course, the classy look implies denim shorts, but cotton white shorts will do as well.

5. Full Skirts and Tights

If you think that full skirts and tights create a delicate womanly image, you are right. How does it correlate with a varsity jacket? In the most excellent manner possible! Today, fashion loves contrasts. You can achieve them by combining something delicate with something classy.

Yes, varsity jackets are definitely classy. You can’t take that away from them.

6. Leather Pants

Leather Pants

Leather pants never go out of style. If you have a pair of good-fitting pants made out of real or faux leather, you are in luck. Your varsity jacket will look amazing with them.

Black leather pants look exceptionally well with varsity jackets that come in many colors.

7. Prom Attire

When you are going to a celebration, which requires special outfits, like your prom night, you can still take your varsity jacket with you.

Both men and women often wonder what outerwear to bring with them when they have festive attire on. A varsity jacket could save the day!

8. High Heels

High heel boots

Who said that varsity jackets are sports jackets? They may have been centuries ago. But we live in the 21st century. The rules have changed.

High heels look amazing with varsity jackets, adding a special zest to your image.

9. Long Shorts

When it’s cool outside but you still want to catch the last warm sun rays, you can combine a varsity jacket with long shorts. On your feet, you can wear short socks and sneakers. The overall image is likely to impress anyone.

With the varsity jacket warming you up, your legs feel comfortable in shorts. Just don’t forget to match the socks to the jacket color.

10. Sweatshirts

Are you a sweatshirt fan? It doesn’t mean you can’t be a varsity jacket fashionista as well. In fact, you can wear one over the other. Numerous varsity jackets exist for making your sweatshirt look as if it’s a part of them. Wear a neutrally colored sweatshirt with a colorful varsity jacket or vice versa.

11. Ripped Jeans

Ripped Denim Jeans

Ripped jeans seem to be conquering the planet. Do you have a pair in your closet? No matter how big the rips are, these jeans can look wonderful with a well-selected varsity jacket. In fact, jeans and varsity jackets are always an excellent combination, no matter what type you prefer.

Let your imagination run wild!

12. White Pants

No matter what the season is, white pants always make an excellent impression. For contrast, you can add a dark-colored varsity jacket.

Today, the variety of varsity jackets can satisfy even the pickiest customer. If you can’t choose between the two, buy both! There is always an occasion for a varsity jacket.

13. Plaid Shirt

Just like ripped jeans, red plaid shirts are probably part of any woman’s or man’s closet. Do you think such shirts are too colorful to wear with a varsity jacket? Not at all. Just try them together.

Of course, you need to spend some time looking for a good color match. If you are at a loss, choose a black and white varsity jacket. It’s a “no-lose” option.

14. School Uniform

Do you have to wear a uniform to school? Then a varsity jacket is an excellent solution to help you diversify your appearance. Varsity jackets were initially designed to suit a school uniform. That hasn’t changed since. Just try your new varsity jacket with your school attire. You’ll be amazed at how well it looks.

15. Scarfs


If you choose a warm varsity jacket, you need a stylish scarf. Wool scarves look fascinating when paired with a sleek varsity jacket. If you want to opt for a silk scarf, it will look great as well. Just make sure you choose a plain scarf and a colorful jacket or vice versa or at least make sure the colors match.

16. Workout Gear

Are you going out for a morning run or a workout in the gym when it’s cold out? Throw your varsity jacket over your workout outfit. You will look magnificent and sexy. You can stuff the jacket in your duffle bag when you don’t need it anymore.

17. Rollers and Skates

Are you going roller or ice skating? Don’t forget your varsity jacket. It’s bound to look amazing with any gear you wear on your feet. Meanwhile, it can keep you warm while you are making pirouettes on the ice.

Whatever outfit you can come up with, we bet there is a varsity jacket out there to suit it. The best part about this seemingly simple jacket is its ability to look great in any situation and with any clothing. Men and women from all over the world have been wearing varsity jackets for decades. They never go out of style new models appear every year.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with varsity jackets. They could surprise you.

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