GPTPlanet: Everything You Need To Know

The first thing that you might assume when you come across GPTPlanet is it probably might be a Get-paid-to site. And here you can earn money through surveys, writing reviews for participating in other activities, it is not so.

GPTPlanet is more of a paid-to-click site than a Get-paid-to site. By paid-to-click I mean, once you enter the site you are dragged to another platform where you are paid to see an ad. Yes, you read it right, you’ll be paid for clicking on to a link and watching an ad.

Paid to Click Ads

As discussed earlier all you gotta do is click on the link and watch an ad. Once you are done you’ll be paid. The payments just like any other Get-Paid-to apps are not that high. For every click you get paid around $0.001, thereby it will take a lifetime for you to make a good sum through GPTPlanet. 

Not Much Earn Money Through GPTPlanet

The biggest drawback with GPTPlanet is that the site is full of unnecessary pop-ups that make it pretty difficult to use. The site also has a lottery section where there is a grid. By clicking on a section on the grid you’ll be asked to watch a video. Probably the same right, but here if you are lucky you can win up to $1.

There are other options as well through which you can around $0.5. All you gotta do is download or sign up some apps. Once you are done, the amount is credited to your GPTPlanet account. There are so many activities that you can participate in and earn money. 

There is always value for money and I pretty much feel that the sites take your time for granted by paying a very small amount for the time you spend and the efforts you put in.

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