A Complete Guide To TikTok Marketing For Beginners

TikTok now stands as the most downloaded app in the world. It started its culture as a short-term video sharing platform named Douyin in China and TikTok outside China. 

TikTok Downloads

The platform’s significant part is that most people above 30 age didn’t know about the platform. Although, TikTok has grown to a very great extent since last year. TikTok achieved the most downloads in the iOS app in the first half of 2018. The platform also performed the same extent in Google Play in the second half of 2018. Overall, the platform stands in the third position in the year 2018. 

TikTok achieved above 1.1 billion downloads in 2019. Online users installed it over 660 million times in 2018. With a vast 188 million installs in the first quarter of 2019. Above 550 million people use TikTok every month worldwide. 

Short-Term Video Network TikTok

TikTok’s culture is to post short-content video content. Musical.ly, users post the videos of lip-syncing doing themselves to their favorite music. The more proficient and talented users post original video content, and these are the Influencers people on TikTok.

Many TikTok short-term videos belong to 15-seconds long, though you can make and share 60-second story type contents. Both the platforms Musical.ly and TikTok targeted the tweens and teens worldwide. Dancers, fashion buffs, pranksters, skateboarders all upload their short video contents by showing their skills. Nowadays, people upload videos featuring themselves with their most-liked products. 

TikTok users need to post fascinating content to grow TikTok followers in large numbers. They can launch the app, start playing entertaining and exciting video content from their “Discover” page. Also, they can search for videos using hashtags. 

Most of the users on TikTok like the particular kind of videos they are interested in. They mostly subscribe to the channel which shares “their” kinds of videos; it tends to skyrocket views in enormous numbers for the type of video content. Every user on TikTok has a profile page, and it highlights the video contents that they have posted.

Kinds Of Users On TikTok

Lip-syncing app Musical.ly primarily picked up the teens, mostly the female picks. And also, TikTok is still favored by teens, with 70% of the users below the age of 30. Almost identical TikTok users are female. The platform has a vast international audience in India, the US, and Douyin in China. Douyin acquires 400 million users every month.

Douyin was launched in 2017 in China. At the start, above 50% of the users were below the age of 24. But in 2018, only 32% of users were below 24, with 24% of users between 25-30 of age and 24 of users aged 32-36. TikTok also acquired a similar trend worldwide.

Bands Using TikTok

Brands on the TikTok platform can promote in three different ways.

  • They can make their channel and post video content.
  • They can join hands with Influencers on TikTok to acquire a broad audience.
  • They can use marketing mode on TikTok investing some money. 

Most of the brands combine their channel and influencers to spread the video contents to a vast audience. It would be best to try some great ideas pointed below on your TikTok channels or suggest your influencers make and spread these types of content.

Hashtag Challenges on TikTok

Challenges are the primary feature of the TikTok platform. Users on TikTok mainly pick a challenge and film and post the videos. These challenges are shared with tag(#) to make the video content easy to find and memorable.

#tumbleweedchallenge was the best-known challenge of US Tv star Jimmy Fallon on the platform. He asked the TikTok users to share the videos featuring themselves falling and rolling to the ground like a tumbleweed with the background of western music. It achieves above 10,000 videos from users and over 10.5 million engagements. Then Jimmy Fallon continued to share challenges on TikTok.

Brands also supported the hashtag challenge feature on the platform. On behalf of producing your hashtag, you can kick start your brand hashtag challenge with your influencers on TikTok. If a hashtag challenge on TikTok is launched, people participate in it with an easy click on it.

UGC(User-Generated Content)

It is a kind of marketing on TikTok where you can use it through your channel or join hands with the influencers to bring their fans to make UGC in supporting the brands.

Z generation likes the full platform experience. If any users on TikTok post the videos with your products or say about your services, you would likely get more conversions in many ways.

Haidilao, a Chinese restaurant, started this content with the DIY option on their food menu. People who selected the DIY menu items make the video content with their distinct off-menu things and then record the experience.

Haidilao approached their people to share their unique video content on Douyin, being it is Chinese-based. While many upload video contents, more people flock to the Haidilao to pick their meal and film the video.

Interestingly, above 15,000 people suggest the DIY method and more than 2000 people post their videos. Ultimately, over 50 million people view people’s UGC. 

Traditional Kind Of Influencer Marketing

The influencer marketing skills work on other platforms like YouTube, the same strategy that works on the TikTok platform. Your influencer campaign gets succeed if your products match your influencer followers. You must leave it to your influencer’s ideas because they know what their fans love.

A primary key is to set the right goals for the success of TikTok Marketing. The young TikTokers need to be authentic to their fans to succeed in influencer marketing.

More than that, brands need to ask their influencers to do the videos with the sponsored products. It will only be achieved if the influencers have the audience with your product support.

Another effect of TikTok is youngsters mainly interested in camera work and high video productions. TikTok is more interested in fun and original content than the high video quality. 

Advertising On TikTok

TikTok experimented with the advertising system since last year, but it didn’t set any profit-sharing system to date. And they started the short video ads in 2019. 

The types of advertisements on TikTok are:

  • In-feed native ads – these ads appear on the feeds section on every TikTok user account.
  • Brand Takeover – it occupies the full screen to run these ads to grab the targeted audience.
  • Hashtag challenge – it uses the campaign to pick the audience for six days. You can quickly get a massive audience through this ad type.
  • 2D lens filters and effects for images – you can use products and filters to spark your unique content to the TikTok users.

Currently, the TikTok platform is testing the working of ads in both Europe and the United States.

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