Best Free Deepnude Apps & Bots in 2024

A few weeks ago, Motherboard reported on a new app called DeepNude that claimed to be able to transform a clothed photo of a person into a convincing nude image with the click of a button. The creator, who identified himself only as Alberto, said the algorithm used generative adversarial networks (GANs) and was trained on thousands of images of naked women. He told Motherboard he had created the software out of “fun and curiosity,” adding that he plans to eventually create a male version of the software.

What is a DeepNude App?

The app is available to download as a website and a Windows and Linux program, and if you’re willing to accept the risk of downloading malware, you can use it to digitally undress friends, family members, or anyone else in a photo. The software works by removing clothes, matching skin tone and lighting, and filling in estimated physical features. It is designed to work best with high-resolution photos, with clothing that doesn’t obstruct a lot of skin or hair, and in bright, well-lit environments.

While the creator of DeepNude cited privacy concerns as his reason for shutting down the software, many people have used the tool to shame coworkers or strangers and even for revenge porn. The proliferation of deepfake pornography has raised ethical concerns about the ability to violate someone’s right to privacy, and several states have laws in place that make creating such fake pornography illegal.

List of Top 30 Best Deepnude Apps in 2024

  1. UndressApp – you will love this app because it gives you as many as 10 free trials. This is achieved by allowing you to manually edit the undress zone.
  2. Makenude.Ai is a service that allows users to “undress” images of people using deep nude technology.
  3. – Auto and Manual Undressing Mode. Read more in our 360 Review.
  4. DeepNude Telegram Bots – has an easy user interface for quick work! Check it All!
    • BraUndress Bot – has 1 Free try.
    • @ClothOff – paid but really good bot.
    • @AIPiPi_bot – one more trusted bot.
    • @lsp Undres bot – amazing bot to undress a photo! With 2 free tries or more.
    • OverJourney Bot – has only 1 Free try and it works quickly!
    • @NuBee_Bot – Very fast – 16 sec. Has 2 Free tries.
    • @AnotherRemoveClothesBot – 1 free photo(s) every 30 days. The result is quite good, but the waiting time is 10 minutes.
    • AdvancedPi Bot – Get your 5 free tries!
    • @clo less bot – you will have 2 free attempts. The result of the generation tends to be realistic, which is good, but it also has its “terrible” defects.
  5. – New Undressing AI App with 30 Free tokens.
  6. – NSFW AI Art Generator: From hyper-realistic to anime styles.
  7. Soulgen – AI-based tool for generating your own anime or real girl images through texts and tags. 
  8. – similar to Undress App but has 2 free tries and 5 generation options.
  9. – a trusted AI online service that can produce the most realistic fake images on the market.
  10. Deep-Nude AI – Generator for Realistic Naked Girls Editing.
  11. NEW! – – Deepnude and FaceSwap Website with 6 Free Generations.
  12. – online deepnude app enabling users to create their own deepfake video.
  13. Nudefusion – New tool, has 1 Free try. Without paid Plans now. Custom prompt available.
  14. – AI nude art generator with free and VIP plans.
  15. Clothoff Web App – a web version of @ClothOff Telegram Bot. Log in and get 1 Free.
  16. NDFY – Web app. No Free.
  17. Deepnude Online website app (aka Nudify) – undress any photo using the power of AI algorithms (no download software), try it out for free! Without Watermarks and only square photos.
  18. DeepNudeTo – this Tool has 5 free uncensored photos with watermarks. Paid Plans start from $10 in Bitcoins. Do not recommend it!
  19. DeepNudify – Blurred Preview for Free users. Paid Plans start from $27. Do not recommend it!
  20. DnGG – HQ but without Paid Plan you get only Blurred Photo. Doesn’t work Now.
  21. – is the best app in 2020 but has a boring captcha.
  22. SukebeZone+ – multiple photos and gallery but have only Paid plans for $12.99 per 50 photos.
  23. – the official Website.  Doesn’t work Now.
  24. – they manually create Fake Nudes of Girls You Know for $45 per photo!
  25. – a quick website but has too many ads.
  26. – used an old version of the Deepnude ML model, with Watermarks.
  27.  – only paid options. (another name
  29. OpenNude
  30. AiNude

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