Who Would Have Thought Iphone XR is Winning Over Android Users?

Apple Inc., a company which raised eyebrows when it was first formed. Raised eyebrows when they created the first ever touch screen mobile, the slimmest ever laptop and a cutting- edge tablet is raising the bar yet again.

It is through these quirky designs and a methodology that is unlike any other, that they are able to create masterpieces. The latest one to join this bandwagon is the iPhone XR which has, in literal sense, impressed the opposing team in the smartphone industry.

Iphone XR

Android as an industry has also carved its niche in this sector and has given a tough competition to their own OS, the iOS.

The iPhone XR comes with three variants of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB as well, has a 6.1” Liquid Retina HD display with Multi-touch, True Tone Display and cutting-edge1400:1 contrast ratio.

These specifications alone are awe-inspiring to make it a product that is splendid to look at, and great to use it. Ita also resistant against most of the usual elements like water and dust with a rated IP7 standard that can withstand depths of a metre in 30 minutes. Apple has introduced the A12 Bionic processor which contains the next generation neural engine to boot.

With its launch in October 2018, there has been a steady conversion of Android users switching over to the iOS than before the launch of iPhone 8 and X.

An official report drafted by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners have verified the fact that there has been an estimated surge of over 16% in October 2018. Also, there has been an 11% increase in users who had purchased Google based phones before.

Currently, the iPhone XR has been priced at 76,900 INR and it is among the most popular models from among their recent releases. In the United States, the overall sales pertaining to this model constitutes about 32% in the 30-day window.

On the contrary, its counterpart models like the iPhone XS and the XS Max were only able to contribute upto 35% of the total sales. That is a great achievement on the Company’s part and they have definitely reached this kind of high after a long time. There have been continuous reports from the official circles that the Company hasn’t exactly been performing well in the creativity front.

There have also been reports of the declining sales in iPhone models and a stagnated demand of the company’s smartphone. Ironically, the Company announced in November last year that they might not be releasing the official numbers of their product sales.

The reason as to why they are doing this is still unclear but they might be having some products in line for release. The XR is now being hailed as the Company’s flagship product since the sale amount has been drastic as compared to their other models.

The Company should look out for some more features in the XR as to why it has connected with their users and accordingly make some future innovations.

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