Top Ideas and Makeup Tips for the Festive Events

Festive events, family events, religious and cultural events usually take place many times in the year. Ethnic clothes and bright festive clothes are worn by most people to meet their friends, family, and colleagues at festive parties that happen to celebrate these occasions and festivals. Makeup has many components and it is easy to use makeup to create a more festive look.

The following are some of the top makeup tips to create a more jubilant look during the festive season:

Makeup Tips for the Festive Events

Eye Makeup

·         Generally, a bright eye-shadow can completely transform the look. Many times women opt for glitter and neon colors to make a bold statement with the makeup to ensure a festive look.

·         Eye makeup for the festive season can also include using multiple colors on the eyelids as well as on the sides and under the eye to create a fashionable look.

·         Colored eyeliner and glitter eyeliner are often used with matte eyeshadow to create a trendy celebratory look. Sometimes women go for small artistic designs to create a beautiful eye makeup look.

·         Stylish makeup for festivals also includes different types of colored mascara and different neon colors are popular with this type of mascaras for festive occasions.

Lips Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips

·         Bold lips are more popular during the holiday and festive occasions and many women also wear dark red lipsticks to make the occasion feel extra special.

·         Dark orange, bright reds, shades of pink, and maroon are all popular lipstick shades to wear at special occasions and festive events.

·         Both matte styles and glossy styles of lip colors and lipsticks are popular while wearing such makeup. Using glittery lipstick is also very trendy for fun festive events. Lip makeup depends on makeup for the rest of the face. If the lips are bright generally the rest of the look is demure and vice versa.

Glitter and Blush

·         Glitter is a major factor in festive makeup. A little glitter under the eye, a little colorful glitter on the eyelids, glitter on the cheeks, glitter on the neck and glittery lipstick are all popular during the holiday season.

·         Different pastel shades are popular for festive makeup. These colors include shades of pink, shades of red, and shades of orange are all popular during the festive season.


·         Festive makeup also includes different types of party tattoos. These are usually bright colored or golden or silver in color. Small glitter stars, glitter dots, and various designer party tattoos are available in the market which is semi- permanent and last for a few days.

·         Freckled shaped dots made of glitter are used as tattoos to display colorful glitter freckles as makeup. This is a new trend that is becoming very popular with the chic crowd in different capitals of the world.

Each occasion warrants its own type of makeup. Makeup worn by working women for a meeting in the boardroom is very different from the makeup worn at a party for a festive occasion. This type of festive occasion gives women an opportunity to experiment with trendy, fun and stylish makeup options.

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