Ways To Earn Using Rewardia- Everything You Need To Know

There is always this sense of concern about whether a Get-to-Paid site is genuine or not. For those who aren’t aware of what a Get-to-Paid site is, it is a site where you do activities offered by the site and earn money or a reward. Rewardia is one such site that has become quite popular right after its launch. Here are some of the activities you gotta do to earn money from it.

How to earn rewards using Rewardia? 

Paid Surveys

All you gotta do is answer some of the paid surveys available on the site. Before answering the set of questions you’ll be given a set of MCQ’s just to check whether you are suitable for taking the survey. If you are eligible then you’ll be allowed to take the survey, if not you to find a new survey to earn your reward. Once the survey is done your reward is credited to your account.

Playing Games

Here’s what you got to do: “Play Games”. Yes, you read it right, you just gotta play games and set up milestones. Once done you can stop playing. Your rewards will be directly credited to your Rewardia account.

Referral Programs

If you refer rewardia to your friend and if they join through the referral that you provide you’ll be paid 10% of their total earnings. All you go to is refer friends about rewardia and just sit and watch how money works for you. 10% of their total earnings will be credited directly to your account.


These are some of the ways you can earn money through Rewardia. There are other activities as well where you can earn a considerable amount. So what are you waiting for, join rewardia, and start earning! It is quite simple and almost anyone can earn money using rewardia.

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