Transformer 7: Everything you Need to Know

Exciting news for all the Transformer fans. Finally, the makers of transformers have opened up on the sequel of the franchise. Paramount pictures have officially backed out of the franchise.

This didn’t hit fans as a surprise as the last sequel of the movie Transformers: The Last Knight was a commercial failure. It earned just about $60.54 crores worldwide and it brought about a loss of over 100 million to the production house.

Paramount Pictures not a part of Transformers Franchise

Paramount made it official that they won’t be a part of the franchise anymore. Earlier before the release of Transformers: The Last Knight, Paramount Pictures had announced an initial date for Transformers 7.

It was said to release on June 28, 2019. But after the poor show of the sixth sequel of the franchise, the production backed out. It was quite expected, the movie couldn’t even manage to attain a break-even and the movie did not stay in the box office for over a month. 

Will it be a Sequel or a Reboot

The franchise somehow redeemed its lost reputation by doing a spin-off movie title Bumblebee which was a huge success. Sources have said that Transformers will not have a sequel anymore. Transformers’ new movie will be more of a reboot than a sequel.

It is yet to be decided who’ll be directing the movie whether the franchise would go for Micheal Bay or Travis Knight. Travis Knight has directed The Last Knight after Micheal Bay backed out from the movie.

Micheal Bay had earlier stated that he was done directing for the franchise but sources say that we might see a possible return of the success duo Micheal Bay and Di Bonaventura for Transformers 7.

There is still speculation on whether Paramount pictures will be a part of Transformers’ new movie.

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