Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Release Date and Time Explained

A sequel championed by some of Season 1’s most exciting artists, Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 looks to be a lot of fun. With a revamped animation style that doesn’t feel like an entirely different show, it gives the series more visual depth and makes for an excellent complement to the already compelling story.

MAPPA has also gone ahead and given the show a more cinematic look, with thinner lines that make it seem more fluid. As a result, even the more mundane scenes are interesting to watch. And when things get serious and the action picks up, it’s a treat to see it all play out.

The first half of the second season adapted Gojo Satoru and Geto Suguru’s Hidden Inventory Arc, which covers chapters 55-64 of the manga. The pair have a mission that involves them escorting Riko Amanai, who has been chosen to be absorbed into Tengen, the entity who maintains the barrier protecting Jujutsu High. She is eager to become assimilated, but enemy Curse-users seek to capture or kill her.

Using her domain, Mahito remotely activates Idle Transfiguration on people all over Japan who consumed cursed items or have latent cursed techniques. She wants to study them in order to better understand how these cursed spirits act. But Pseudo-Geto disagrees with her theory and declares that they will force these groups to fight each other in order to determine humanity’s next step. It’s an intense confrontation that culminates in Yuji sprinting through the crater that has leveled Shibuya with a sickened grief.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Total Episodes Release Date and Time Schedule Explained

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 1 was released on July 6, 2023. Please see the list of jujutsu kaisen season 2 total episodes release with dates.

DateEpisode NumberRelease Timing(JST/EST/BST/IST)
6 July 2023Episode 1 (Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
13 July 2023Episode 2 (Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
20 July 2023Episode 3 (Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
27 July 2023Episode 4 (Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
3 August 2023Episode 5 (Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
10 August 2023Jujutsu Kaisen 0 recap (Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
17 August 2023Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 recap (Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
Break week
31 August 2023Episode 6 (Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
7 September 2023Episode 7 (Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
14 September 2023Episode 8 (Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
21 September 2023Episode 9 (Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
28 September 2023Episode 10 (Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
5 October 2023Episode 11 (Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
12 October 2023Episode 12(Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
19 October 2023Episode 13(Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
26 October 2023Episode 14(Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
2 November 2023Episode 15 (Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
9 November 2023Episode 16 (Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
16 November 2023Episode 17 (Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
23 November 2023Episode 18(Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
30 November 2023Episode 19 (Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
7 December 2023Episode 20(Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
14 December 2023Episode 21 (Released)23:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
21 December 2023Episode 2223:56/10:56/15:56/20:26
28 December 2023Episode 2323:56/10:56/15:56/20:26

What Time Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 19 Releases

Fans are already anticipating the episode, as it is supposed to bring a heart-wrenching narrative like none other. The upcoming episode will also feature the arc that was teased at the end of episode 18, with Nobara taking on Mahito and the evil curse. The trailer has shown a back-and-forth battle between the two, and it is expected to push both Itadori and Nobara to their limits.

In the meantime, fans should note that the anime’s production company, MAPPA, is facing some controversy. Earlier this month, one of its animation directors claimed that the Shibuya Incident Arc was released in an unfinished state. However, the company has yet to respond to this claim.

The second season of Jujutsu Kaisen is set to feature 23 episodes, with five devoted to Gojo’s Past arc and the rest adapting the Shibuya Incident arc. Fans can expect to witness some new characters as well. The first episode of the second season will introduce Gojo’s past and a glimpse at how he and Geto were given a mission by Tengen Sama.

What Happened in Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 18?

The 17th episode of the acclaimed ninja action series, titled “Right and Wrong,” concludes with a heart-wrenching narrative that says goodbye to a fan favorite character. The episode handles this major loss with the utmost care, and every frame of the story seems to hold meaning.

It opens with Nanami Kento traversing somewhere, seemingly lost in thought. We soon see the jujutsu sorcerer stumble upon a horde of cursed spirits and frantically fight them off with ferocity, despite being brutally battered and half-burnt. The scene is intercut with a peaceful montage of Nanami enjoying the bright blue seas and golden sands of Kuantan, a place she’d hoped to retire to in the future.

Meanwhile, Mahito arrives at the battlefield. He tries to trick Yuji by using two transfigured humans as bait, but Nanami spots their presence and manages to work around them. As she slashes through a multitude of cursed spirits, her perception switches between the real world and her peaceful fantasy.

Ultimately, the uncontrollable shikigami Mahoraga arrives. Sukuna intervenes and attacks it, recognizing its perilous ritual. Mahoraga is destroyed, leaving Megumi safe.

As the battle continues, Nobara Kugisaki attacks Mahito, attempting to prevent him from getting close enough to touch her. She tries her best to resist his temptation, but in the end, Mahito uses a technique called “Idle Transfiguration” to lure Nobara into the open and attack her from all sides.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Characters

MAPPA Studios and Toho Animation have released a new Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 trailer, and the cast looks sexy. The second cour will adapt Gojo’s past arc alongside the Shibuya Incident, and the show’s characters are sure to be even more powerful than before. Here’s who to look out for:

Aoi Todo

Standing at 6′ 3″, Todo is among the tallest characters in the anime. He’s also one of the strongest, and he loves to fight strong people—especially women. During the first season, Todo helped defeat a colossal curse. He later suggested to the Jujutsu higher-ups that Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushigoro, Nobara Kugisaki, Maki Zen’in, and Panda be promoted to first-grade jujutsu sorcerers. However, he was disappointed to learn that they’d be assigned different missions and wouldn’t be allowed to team-up together.


The most powerful curse in the series, Sukuna has an unlimited amount of cursed energy and can obliterate his enemies with ease. He specializes in taking down large groups of cursed people at once. He possesses the ability to create illusions and change his appearance at will.

Riko Amanai

As the Star Plasma Vessel for Master Tengen, Riko is constantly in danger. In Season 2, she’s the focus of Goji and Geto’s protection from the Curse Users sect Q and their plan to kill her and prevent her from merging with Tengen. She’s a Grade 1 Sorcerer and a capable fighter. She can also heal herself using her Reverse Healing Cursed Technique.

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Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 Episode breakdown and review archive in chronological order

Episode 1 – Hidden Inventory

Episode 2 – Hidden Inventory, Part 2

Episode 3 – Hidden Inventory, Part 3

Episode 4 – Hidden Inventory, Part 4

Episode 5 – Premature Death

Episode 6 – It’s Like That

Episode 7 – Evening Festival

Episode 8 – The Shibuya Incident

Episode 9 – Shibuya Incident: Gate – Open

Episode 10 – Pandemonium

Episode 11 – Summon

Episode 12 – Blunt Sword

Episode 13 – Red Scale

Episode 14 – Sway

Episode 15 – Sway, Part 2

Episode 16 – Thunderclap

Episode 17 – Thunderclap, Part 2

Episode 18 – Right and Wrong

Episode 19 – Right and Wrong, Part 2

Episode 20 – Right and Wrong, Part 3

Episode 21 – Metamorphosis

Episode 22 – Metamorphosis, part 2 (To be released)

Episode 23 – TBA

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