Minnie Sharp Current Net Worth

Most might have known Minnie Sharp as the ex-wife of late actor Luke Perry, but did you know that Rachel “Minnie” Sharp also acted in a movie. The movie titled Teen Wolf too didn’t do well and it was the first and last of Minnie Sharp on the big screen.

Who is Minnie Sharp?

Minnie Sharp is the daughter of the great screenplay writer Alan Sharp. The writer has written screenplays for more than twenty movies. The Last Run, Ulzana’s Raid and Billy two hats are some of the movies in which Alan Sharp worked as a screenplay writer. 

Minnie Sharp was born in 1969. She worked as a saleswoman at a furniture store. Minnie Sharp had no interest in movies but she was a huge fan of Luke Perry. The same Luke Perry who played Dylan Mckay in the Beverly Hills series in the late ’90s.

Minnie Sharp’s fangirl moments 

Minnie Sharp was so crazy about him that she sent him one of her laced bras as a present. In 1991, there were rumors about their relationship and in 1993 they made it official and tied the knot.

Minnie Sharp and Luke Perry gave birth to two beautiful children Sophie Perry and Jack. Their marriage lasted for 10 years. The couple bought a huge mansion in Los Angeles after their marriage.

In 2003, Minnie Sharp and Luke Perry parted ways by filing a divorce. Their son Jack now is a professional wrestler and goes by the name the Jungle Boy.

In 2017, Luke Perry passed away due to a heart attack. According to sources Minnie Sharp and her kids were there during his last moments. Nowadays she has been earning a good sum through Advertising.

Currently Minnie Sharp net worth is around $500 thousand and she is busy raising her daughter Sophie Perry who had turned 20 quite recently.

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