Top 4 Digital Skills to Learn in 2023

There is a skills shortage in the business world, and business owners are actively seeking employees with these sought-after skills. The traditional workplace is evolving faster than ever, and your resume needs to keep up with those changes if you want your career to flourish.

As businesses of all sizes are accessing the benefits of tech adoption, there is more need than ever before for team members with digital skills to help brands grow. If you want to give your resume a boost and you want to stand out in interviews, then here are the top four digital skills that you need to learn.

Digital Marketing as a Digital Skills

This can be a big subject to wrap your head around and there are lots of different facets to it. However, digital marketing is one of the most sought-after skills when it comes to businesses of all sizes. From mom-and-pop stores to the biggest brands in the world, the right digital marketing can transform growth potential and has a direct impact on profitability. You do not have to learn everything there is to know about digital marketing, but you should be an expert in at least one of the following:

  • Writing and editing content
  • Data analysis
  • Email marketing
  • Social media management

The more that you know about digital marketing the more valuable you will be to an organization. Do as much research as possible and your resume will be greatly enhanced.

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Cloud Computing

More businesses than ever are using cloud computing. That is because traditional IT management requires in-house servers that need to be maintained by a dedicated IT team, and there are many elements that can go wrong. There are now more cloud platforms and cloud-based resources available than you can feasibly count, so it is a good idea to have an understanding of how some of the most popular ones work.

Knowing more about cloud computing means that you will be able to help business owners get more from them, and that is only good news for your career prospects. Look at cloud computing courses that have practical elements to the teaching. That way you get to hit the ground running when you start your new position.

Artificial Intelligence

By using artificial intelligence (AI), entrepreneurs can ensure that their business is delivering the relevant products, services, and content to existing and potential customers. Learning about AI can have a very technical side to it, so it is best to start with the basics and invest time and energy into taking the right courses.

The fact is that many jobs are already being impacted by AI, so you need to learn about how much it is going to affect the future of your existing career. Simply knowing how to input data into AI systems can be a hugely important skill set and is likely to only grow in terms of business value.


As businesses make increasing use of technology and the internet, so too are criminals. All businesses need to have a clear focus on protecting themselves and their customers against the threat of cybercriminals. By learning more about the fundamentals of cybersecurity, you can make yourself very appealing to employers who may not be quite as tech-savvy as they need to be.

The best thing about focusing on cybersecurity is that it is a constantly evolving field, and staying ahead of the trends and learning what to watch for means that you can help keep businesses and customers safer.

Small businesses and mega-corporations alike are vulnerable to those with malicious intent, which means that your cybersecurity skills will always find a home. There is also a serious skills gap when it comes to network security, which means that there are a lot of jobs out there that aren’t finding applicants.

Ideally, you should have an awareness of at least one of these digital skills. The more that you know about and understand how technology can transform the future for any kind of business, the more value you will have in the eyes of employers. If you want to give your career a boost in 2023, it is time to start learning.

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