Bathroom Remodeling: Saving Money When Redoing a Bathroom

Some homeowners opt for bathroom renovations when they want to resell their property. They know people would pay a higher price for an upgraded place like this. Sometimes, these decisions feel essential to get rid of the boredom in the bathroom because of the worn look and broken fixtures. No matter what it is in your case, you can be determined to give a facelift to your private space.

As per some data, master baths usually cost $8,000 on average, while any guest or additional bathroom may need an investment of $3,000. The same price shoots up if you eye larger upgrades, such as replacing the toilet, countertop, and vanity. You can expect it to touch $17,000 for a 100 sq ft bathroom and $10,000 for a smaller one.

It may not be possible to allocate such amount of budget to a bathroom project. Luckily, you can fall back on affordable alternatives to give your bathroom a new twist without hurting your savings. So let’s explore them quickly.

Labor and materials

If you hire a contractor for a revamping job, you should know that it will claim almost 40% to 60% of your budget. Custom designs require expert intervention. You can let go of this cost in one sweep by choosing DIY methods. Or, you can buy ready products from the market that demand simple assembling. For example, you can imagine your vanity, shower, etc. Still, if you need someone to do the job at your place, make sure to search for a trustworthy professional. The person should be able to suggest alternatives to expensive materials.


The sink area can be the highlight of your bathroom. As a result, sink and vanity will get the most attention. Some people usually move from a single vanity to a double vanity to make an instant difference to their room. But it can increase your budget too. You can avoid this easily by focusing on the latest designs in the stores. Many options can be available for $300. Does it still feel out of reach? Then, you can consider replacing the mirror over your sink. Buy something unique this time, such as one long mirror and two shorter ones. Another option can be using the mirror as an accent through its colorful or rustic wood frame. In the end, it should just sync with the overall décor.


Tub, sink, and shower replacement may not be apt for your budget. But you can give those a quick facelift with new faucets, handles, and knobs. These plumbing fixtures and hardware don’t cost much, and some of them need basic DIY skills for installation. For example, you can consider remodeling a washroom with a single hole faucet. The straightforward design can help you save labor costs. Plus, you can rely on it to give your sink area a touch of freshness without much effort. It applies to knobs and handles too. You can visit local home improvement stores or online shops for deals.

Tub or shower

It can feel enormously exciting to imagine buying a separate soaker tub and getting rid of the old-style bathtub. But freestanding tubs can ask for a fortune. You may have to do many things, from moving drains to changing tiles and removing walls to extend your bathroom space. Of course, each will have its cost. Nevertheless, it would be best if you did not give up yet. Shopping for a new feature can be out of the question, but you can refurbish the old one for a lot less money. Some can suggest the idea of refinishing the tile area in the shower. While it can be cost-effective than investing in the new, you need to recognize its complex requirements.

You have to ensure proper slope and angles for smooth draining. You will have to pay attention to every detail, right from shower pan to shower base. Then, there can be specific local codes to adhere to, too. It can be a wise decision to hand over this project to a professional. If you want to go ahead with it after knowing everything, you must learn about the process before jumping to the task. Having prior and direct knowledge of how refinishing work happens is critical.


How can you miss this when you want to upgrade your bathroom without stretching your budget? Plus, it happens to be the easiest renovation trick. Old lighting fixtures can lose their shine; consequently, the brightness of the room can also get affected. So, you can think about replacing them and buying something more attractive to elevate the energy. If you want to give your vanity area the feel of a dressing room, buy a mirror adorned with large bulbs. While it can be a small thing, the impact it delivers can be massive in every sense. However, there are other exciting choices, such as bulbless light bars, lampshades, pendant lights, etc.

You can browse the extensive range until you come across something suitable for your bathroom layout. Just remember, $48 can be on the lower side of the price spectrum, while $480 and above belong to the higher side. A lot of the cost will depend on the size and style of your lighting fixture.

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Things to consider

According to experts, bathroom upgrades are not much different than the kitchen. However, the cost can increase based on the plumbing work. If you change the original position of any of the fixtures, such as a tub, shower, sink, or toilet, it will incur higher charges. The best way to cut down on this unnecessary expense is to keep the plumbing and electrical items in their older place. Still, if you are ready to spend more or there is no better way to give your bathroom the desired makeover, you can take this route as a last resort.

You can have sleepless nights thinking about the bathroom renovation project. The budget, planning, and the risks of something going wrong can keep you on your toes. If you are not ready to face this cumbersome situation, it is better to go with easy and less time-intensive solutions.

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