Tips to Successfully Build a Mobile Application using Big Data

The mobile application has vast impacts in many fields from normal usage of individual to Organization. Marketing personal and Business intelligence highly utilizes the Mobile application for the betterment of their business and retaining the reputation of their organization. App creator needs to collect tons and tons of useful and metrics about the user.

Big data utilization helps the developer to grabs a large number of data which is highly helpful for a mobile app developer. All the necessary data are generated collected and stored using big data. Best app Development Company demands the data scientist and engineers for the effective utilization of big data for their branded apps.

Identify the scope

This is the basic platform to develop your mobile application using big data. The initial considerations should be taken into account are target users, Mobile platform and devices to be supported, Revenue model and data to be collected using big data.

Plotting the above sketch will give you a clear understanding of the mobile app that you going to develop.

Target users

There is no point in creating your mobile app without satisfying the customer. Thus searching and grabbing the audience is an important key feature of the mobile app company. Several criteria must be considered before developing a mobile app. These are gender, age, marital status, end customer, type of organization, revenue model etc.

Mobile platform and devices

An infrastructure of mobile app both in terms of software and hardware are to be considered before creating a mobile app using big data.  As big data is used to collect and analyze a large amount of data, the platform that is used should be with suitable configuration for easy use.

Hence app developer should consider hardware performance, battery life, ruggedness, and other peripherals.

Revenue model

Every application is developed for profit and revenue. To ensure the proper revenue every app developer should consider the appropriate approach in accordance with the app.  There are many models of making revenue for mobile applications which include paid application, separate app and in-app freemiums, advertisements, subscription and pay per download.

Special user interface design for Big data

Big data helps in overcoming the challenge of translating a large volume of complex data into simple actionable business information. The developer should ensure the application algorithm is easy to use for the user.

In the background, the app is developed by data scientist and app developer who use complex algorithm data for the mobile app. In the foreground, the app is used by mobile users who are not technically good at solving algorithm. So the mobile app should be convenient for the user to use.

To collect the data of how the user interacting with the mobile app is important and which seeks the knowledge of big data. So, it is important to understand the mobile user interface to give the precise mobile app.

Gain a competitive advantage with real-time analytics through Big data

The mobile app developers today are vulnerable to the value of real time. Real-time analytics give more added advantages to the business.  Therefore creating an app with real-time analytics with big data gives you the better name for the brand and product. The combination of big data with Hadoop technology would give you the good hands of real-time experience mobile apps. The business could able to take quick decisions and transformation by only through a real-time mobile app.

Focus on Backend-as-a-service (BaaS)

Backend-as-a-service (BaaS) created mainly for an alternative to autonomously and maintained mobile apps, especially for apps that process a large amount of data. BaaS is a warehouse that is owned by someone else and we have the keys and ready for use. This setup mainly helps in the likelihood of the customer and criteria for the app success like additional functionality and user-friendliness.

MBaas Mobile Backend-as-a-service helps developers API’s to backend services and only connects the app to all of those without the need for the lengthy setup. So instead of developing your database, you just connect the app to the database provided by the service via the API.

Choose an appropriate SQL

Considering the challenges faced in a standard relational database in big data like MYSQL is very important a mobile app. Depending on the need and functionality, your app might look for more unstructured data such as audio, video and unstructured text.

All these information are promptly accumulated with no particular relation for adequate structuring the database. Optimizing and reworking of apps takes higher time than developing the new app. This is because of developing an appropriate database structure for storing this kind of information.

Thus NoSQL and NewSQL are used for developing a good database structure for storing and processing. NoSQL is being worked for decades with a development of big data which has some flaws and disadvantage of current technologies. This leads to pushing the developing of new database structure called NewSQL. Lots of new database formats could be connected to the standard formats.


Big data is known for its analytical potential, which is why individual or organizations use it to analyze powerful insights and make the business app a successful one. Mobile app developers are having high competition in building powerful apps.

Hence needs to collect a vast amount of data by only through big data. Mobile app engaged with big data could increase the app visibility and ensure in giving good revenue. Future would be full of mobile apps integrated with big data.

Hidden brain is the leading I phone app Development Company that specialized in using big data technology. Developing a mobile app integrated with big data helps in achieving good revenue and reputation to the brand or company.

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