Dive Deep into your Relationship with Astrology

Relationships are complicated, and it takes time to understand them. Some people say that for every woman in this world, there is a man or vice versa. However, it is a myth as not everyone is this world gets married or get the partner of his her choice. Moreover, these days there is a growing trend of same-sex marriages. There is no thumb rule that relationships or marriage will work for everyone, so, do not fret that you are still single.

Most people turn towards astrology to get the hidden information about their lives so that they can take action accordingly and know about the milestones of their lives. Free online birth chart calculator is a tool available online that helps you generate your accurate birth chart and know about your life in detail. 

The main aim of astrology is to let you know about your biggest dharma and the various bottlenecks in your path that you need to overcome to follow the same. Hence, your life partner should be a person who helps you to move forward in the path and bring some value to your life.

Determining your marriage time as per the Vedic astrology 

One of the most commonly asked questions in the Vedic astrology is about the timing of the marriage. People ask questions like:-

Will I get into a long term commitment with a good relationship?

How will be my life partner?

When will I get married?

Horoscope has the complete information about the various aspects of married life like the duration of the marriage and the life of the spouse, the personality traits of the spouse, Chances of separation/divorce/delayed marriage, the time of marriage. It is very important to predict the things correctly, as one minor glitch can topple everything.

A native’s birth chart should be read correctly and there are certain aspects which should not be overlooked. All it takes is an eye for detail, and if you read the ancient scriptures of the Vedic astrology, then you will get an idea of various aspects of marriage.

These scriptures talk about your spouse, relationship, personality traits, the looks, etc. There are certain planetary combinations in the kundali that deny the possibility of marriage entirely. It is indeed challenging to look at the aspect of denial of marriage in the horoscope.

There are various steps in determining the time of your marriage as per the Vedic Astrology, and they are as follows:-

1)    The most important reference to look for in the birth chart is an ascendant. It determines the planet which will rule the houses, the lordship for the first house and the placement of planets in various houses. The Ascendant covers almost the entire map and hence is an important aspect to look at.

2)    The other houses and zodiac signs should be confirmed as well. How are the planets placed in the different houses of the birth chart need to be determined. The position of the Ascendant somehow decides the position of the different planets in the different houses.

3)    You should be aware of the Axis points of the 1st and the 7th house of the birth chart. The set of ascendants is similar to the number of the zodiacs, and each zodiac has the particular zodiac opposite to it. Here the meaning of opposite is the distance between the zodiac of 7th house with the 1st house.

4)    The correlation and placement of the lords from 1-7 houses is the next step that should be followed. Apart from this, the houses in which they are placed should be studied as well.

5)    The next step is to look for the important planets and factor of the marriage. Four important planets should be studied well, and they are Mars, Venus, Dragon’s Head & Moon. In particular, Venus is considered to be the factor for marriage, and hence it should be carefully examined. The overall aspects like Lordship, house placement should be studied well and the way it is connected with the 7th lord and the 7th house to determine the time of marriage.

6)    There are various important houses to look for while determining the time of marriage. Like the 2nd house is about our immediate family and can include the family of our partner after the wedding. The 7th house is considered to be the primary indicator of the marriage/relationship. The 11th house represents the profit, and the 8th house is the symbol of the family of your spouse.

7) The chart of marriage should be studied in detail which is considered as one of the most important charts of the horoscope. The placement of planets in the 7th house of the chart of the marriage tells about the personality & behavior of the spouse.

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