Tips on Finding Great Audiobooks to Binge While Traveling

Also known as talking books, audiobooks are book recordings or any other work read aloud. “Abridged” texts or abridgment are readings of short versions while “unabridged” are readings of an entire text or book. The history of audiobooks dates back to 1877 when Thomas Edison invented the phonograph.

Since the 1930s, the audio text has been available in public libraries, schools, and partly in music shops. Spoken word albums of plays and poetry were available before the invention of compact discs, cassette tapes, and downloadable audio. Audiobooks were first displayed on bookshelves in book retail shops in the 1980s.

Over the years, audiobooks have increased in popularity. Today, every one in five Americans own and listen to audiobooks. Furthermore, it’s the fastest-growing section of books in Scribd.

They vary in genre from biographies and classic novels to nonfiction and fiction books. While working on this article, I came across various audiobooks you may want to check out in the link below.

Best 10 Audiobook Apps

If you don’t find an audiobook that you like, use the following tips to help you choose the best audiobook apps for you.

1.         Choose an AudioBook Genre You Find Interesting

Audiobooks are available in all kinds of genres to suit the different needs out there. Whether you prefer listening to audio based on fantasy or real-life events, there’s something for you. Choose from a collection of fiction and non-fiction audiobooks based on your preferences and personal interests.

Consider selecting audiobook apps that feature both fiction and nonfiction books to give you a wide selection. Some apps feature filters to help you search for suitable audiobooks based on autobiographies, novels, or even science fiction. Choose accordingly.

However, if you’re not sure about what kind of genre will interest you, look for book apps built with book summary sections to help you make informed decisions. The summary may be available in text or audio or both for quick listening to help you determine if an audiobook is one you’re likely to enjoy listening to.

2.         Determine How Much Time You Can Set Aside to Listen to Your Audiobooks

Audiobooks vary in length, making it a key factor when choosing the best-recorded books for you. Epic novels that take hours of listening and require your full concentration may not be ideal while commuting to work. Instead, you need short audiobooks you’ll enjoy during your commutes to keep you engaged and avoid boredom.

Opt for books that are below 5 hours for your commutes, but this depends on how much time it takes to get to your workplace. Filter books recommended for commutes or road trips. Also, consider a short motivation audiobook to kick off your day on a good note in the morning. Inspirational stories can encourage you to look forward to a bright day ahead.

On the converse, a long novel audiobook that goes for hours is ideal for a long journey or a weekend you intend to spend time alone at home. The right apps can give you access to appropriate audiobooks in ideal lengths.

3.         Find Free Audiobooks to Save on Money

Whereas some audiobooks aren’t free, lots more are available for free access. If you’re working on a tight budget or just uncertain if you’ll like any given audiobook, opt for free apps. Both iOS and Android audiobooks are available for free download and access to books of your liking.

What’s more, filtering through a free audiobook is easier than an app with an advanced version. Even so, you’ll find apps that allow for partial content download to help you determine if it’s the right audiobook for you before committing to a full paid download.

Other free audiobooks require some form of registration or subscription to gain access to the free audiobook apps available for you. They’re also free rotating audiobooks that give access to free download on a monthly basis.


Also, consider educational audiobooks and those that support use offline for continued listening even when you don’t have internet access. We hope that you found this article resourceful and it helped you choose the best audio novels for you.

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