The Value in a Great Real Estate Agent

The real estate industry continues to experience tremendous growth as new realtors emerge every day. Many people have realized the need to work with a real estate agent in a very competitive industry.

The agent services come with expertise and quality, and that’s why the demand is growing. However, not all agents offer valuable services. That’s why it’s crucial to get an in-depth understanding of the type of realtor you would want to work with before hiring them.

Key Points to Look for When Hiring a Realtor

The real estate industry is diverse, and when considering hiring a realtor, there are various factors you’ll need to put in mind before signing the agreement. Though a daunting task, it can be the most fruitful journey if you find the right talents.

There are so many emerging agents every day with new licenses, and it gets tricky in identifying the best fit for the job. Some realtors get their licenses and sit back on edge with no expertise in the game.

If you want to make progress, you’ll need to consider the factors below when hiring a realtor. The tips will help you in finding the top real estate agent.

The Level of Experience in the Industry

There is nothing that beats experience in the real estate industry. For any task to be completed successfully and within the quickest time, there needs to be a certain level of on-job expertise.

With high experience levels, the relator will have good exposure to the industry. They will also be able to get better deals when transacting with clients.

Ask the real estate agent the number of years they have in the industry. Check out the previous services they have offered and the number of clients they’ve previously worked with.

Knowledge of the area you live in is key as well. For example, real estate inventories in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona are low; a knowledgeable Scottsdale real estate agent will know this ahead of time.

Also, an excellent and experienced realtor will have a proper understanding of the market. Ask questions like how well do they know the market? How many clients have they worked with in the past? How successful were the previous transactions?

What type of Marketing Plan do they have?

Any passionate and brilliant realtor will always have a marketing plan. It’s the plan that will contribute to the quick selling of the property. The realtor needs to have creative ideas in structuring the strategies and carrying out marketing activities. Ask them how they’re going to list your property.

Find out if they’ve digital marketing strategies and how they carry off the plans. Be sure that they won’t just put up a post on a social media page and relax. Establish if they have a back-up plan after making posts. They need to be consistent and determined towards their marketing initiatives.

Also, a good marketing plan involves email drips, postcards open houses. Ask if they have such services and seek to know their implementation and execution strategies. You can determine if the realtor has creative ideas to manage blog posts and social media paid ads.

What will they do to ensure that your property stands out from among other competitors? Do they’ve sample web listings? Does their budget cover for a professional photographer?

Do They Have Access to Well-Vetted Professional Services?

A top real estate agent needs to work with a range of other professionals in the industry. It helps in ensuring workflow from all corners. Excellent connection means that the realtor is a friendly and influential person and can quickly close deals within the short term. It’s also an indicator that the realtor has a high chance of growing due to the significant connection.

When hiring the real estate agent, find out if they’ve access to vetted services such as appraisers, inspectors, home staging companies, moving companies, mortgage brokers, and contractors. Anyone who has such vetted services is an ideal candidate and will make your workflow with ease.

Additionally, find out if the realtor had a support network within the same line. Such people can be a team of agents who offers supportive services. An excellent agent should have a system that provides excellent communication services to the clients.

Ask the realtor if they have a back-up plan to offer support services to multiple clients so that if you have more than one property to sell, the team will be able to handle as many clients as possible.

Do They Have a Problem Solving Mindset?

An excellent realtor needs to have the ability to make critical decisions and solve problems at all levels. They also need to have attention to detail skills, and this can potentially cost you a lot if the person lacks the skills or can work in your favor if the realtor has the relevant skills.

A problem solver will come up with creative solutions at all times. They’ll be able to showcase the property with ease and create suitable marketing campaigns with listings that attract valuable buyers. The person should also be able to offer suggestions.

It can get so frustrating if you’re the only one who can make crucial decisions even when you’ve already hired the agent. So, critically analyze and ensure that the person can make relevant contributions to your thoughts or can work creatively and independently to deliver. In most cases, agents will make excellent suggestions without your involvement.

How Well Can They Keep In touch?

Excellent communication skills are part of the crucial aspects to consider when hiring a realtor. They’ll be able to keep in touch with clients. Some clients like to be reminded all the time before making purchases.

A time that an agent would see as insignificant information, the same can be relevant to the customer, and they wouldn’t know the customer’s thoughts unless they keep in close contact. So ensure that the realtor can make close contact and keep in touch with the clients.

You can quickly establish this from the way the realtor relates to you. An excellent realtor will keep up to date with you, the customer, and the industry market trends. How’ll the realtor keep you informed of the progress? What means of communication do they use?

Give your communication preferences to the agent, such as email, phone, or and see if they’re comfortable with it. Even if they agree to it, will they commit to consistent schedules such as marketing activities or send reports after the agreed period?

Do they have Good Negotiation Skills?

The real estate industry requires that you work with an excellent negotiator to close deals with ease. The person should’ve attention to details and be knowledgeable about the market prices so that they negotiate with relevancy.

Does the person have the capacity to manipulate a deal in your favor? Can they close a sale without much back and forth? Do they have the ability to ensure that the property is not sold at a much lower price?

Final Thoughts

Selling or buying of property is not a walk in the pack, and you’d want to ensure that you hire the best and top real estate agent. Even if you retain someone during the first or second interview, you’ll need to think in-depth before signing the agreement.

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