Valuable Marketing Tools and Apps for Real Estate Agents

The internet has been a game-changer in recent years for real estate agents. There are a number of useful marketing tools that they are able to use to conduct business in the 21st century. Below are some of these resources for those interested in real estate marketing, with a brief synopsis of each one.


Facebook is of course the world’s largest social networking site with more than 2.5 billion active users. In addition to just being a way to connect with others, Facebook can be used in real estate marketing. This includes setting up a page for the company, posting to groups and sharing photos easily of properties for sale.

These groups may also serve as a way to not only post listings, but to learn about anything related to the industry.

In addition, Facebook is a great way to advertise any business in general but especially for real estate agents looking to sell a property.

These ads allow for targeting, reaching specific campaign adjectives, and are also available in several different formats.


Another tool that is used by real estate agents that is based around a social network is Instagram and also its IGTV platform. Of course, Instagram is a service that centers around sharing photos with others.

Being in the business of selling houses, Instagram has been a very good way to showcase properties with numerous images.

In fact, realtors get ten times more engagement from an Instagram post than on Facebook. The service is great for referrals and actually has an audience that is more affluent than Facebook. Also like Facebook, many real estate agents use paid ads to generate leads on Instagram.

There are also a number of users who specialize in the real estate business who often share useful information on the platform.

IGTV is also great for short videos, so it makes perfect sense to give anyone interested a full walking tour of any property on the market.


Twitter is another popular social networking platform that realtors use frequently. Like the other two social networking services, Twitter is a great way to showcase properties through text, images, and videos.

It is also another platform that allows for targeted ads to its users. The other thing that the service emphasizes is the exchange of information, and there are a number of real estates centric accounts to follow.

One of the things that Twitter does best is that it is a great resource for time sensitive information, and is an easy way to provide frequent updates.

In fact, 15% of the site’s users access it more than 15 times per day, giving Twitter an extremely active userbase.

Zillow Premier Agent App

Zillow is of course the most significant real estate portal online. The site gets around 200 million unique visitors each month. The Zillow Premier Agent tool is for real estate agents who seek to advertise on Zillow. The company leverages its strong position in real estate search to offer this service.

Premier agents receive much more exposure than the more basic listing agents on Zillow. Any agent using this app will also get their profiles and overall rating amplified. Also, the exposure real estate agents get from this app is not just limited to Zillow, but also includes Trulia, StreetEast and

 Agents can also see exactly how much their competitors are spending on the platform and get other useful data pertinent to the real estate market. Finally, there are tools to create a website that integrates well with Zillow.


Mailchimp is a great way to reach a wide audience through email newsletters. It is very easy to import email addresses and also create a form that people can sign up for.

The information that you wish to collect is easily customizable and this is a great way to keep up to date with all leads through email. These email addresses can also be filtered into a number of different categories, whether its something like location, age, or income.

Mailchimp is another great way to provide links to some of these other pages, and there are good analytics that show how many people open the email, click on specific links, and other data.


YouTube is becoming increasingly influential in driving interest into real estate. The enormous video sharing platform is used in a number of ways by realtors.

This includes the simple creation of a personal channel or one for the company. These videos can include property tours as well as videos that are about anything to do with real estate in general.

This might include the agent talking into the camera about the city where they own property or include tips on things to search for in a new house.

There’s also room for descriptions below the video that can include links to properties or pages relevant to the real estate agent’s business.

Wise Pelican

Wise Pelican is an affordable way to create a physical postcard that showcases a property or a particular agent. These postcards are in the form of a jumbo 6×9 high gloss heavy stock, so they are very easy to hand out to people or send in the mail. There are hundreds of different templates that can all easily be modified in a browser.

Another great thing about this service is that the mail is easily tracked so any agent using Wise Pelican can see where and when the postcards are delivered.

The service will also generate a list of addresses in a specific area that can receive these customized postcards. This means that real estate agents can have a physical product that is easily tracked to be delivered to a highly targeted area.

These postcards cost just 70 cents each, and that price includes postage too. Any agent who purchases these in bulk also has the potential to get a discount.

By using these marketing tools, you will maximize your results as a real estate agent!

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