The Pitfalls of Selling Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent

These days, it’s tempting to think that we can all be experts about everything. We have so much information available to us constantly that it’s easy to think that we can do anything. It’s true that we can work most things out thanks to all those DIY YouTube videos but how realistic is it to successfully sell your home by yourself? Working with a Realtor Vancouver professional does have its advantages but let’s look at what can go wrong if you decide to do it alone. 

What Can Go Wrong When You Choose “For Sale By Owner”

  •     Timing
  •     Legal Complications
  •     Emotional Negotiating


Selling your home is a full-time job and there’s a reason people make it their career. Perhaps you do have the time if you’re a freelancer or stay-at-home parent. However, don’t underestimate the strain it will put on your other responsibilities. In fact, the main reported risk to selling your house on your own is the lost time such that your property stays in the listings for too long without moving.

Marketing a property is tough and being constantly on top of social media, listings and other catalogs can be overwhelming. It’s very easy to miss things and suddenly you’re in a black hole with no progress. Potential buyers very quickly conclude that perhaps there’s something wrong with your property.

Legal Complications

Things are going wrong. It’s just part of life. It doesn’t matter how much research you do because you simply don’t have the experience that tells you that something’s wrong.

However, a Realtor Vancouver professional can pre-empt any buyer financing issues, property title issues, inspection surprises, contract disputes or even deposit challenges.

Of course, you can prepare everything beforehand but as an individual, you don’t have the resources to support yourself. Moreover, nothing quite matches experience and that sixth sense people develop in any profession. 

Emotional Negotiating

It’s only normal to be emotionally tied to your property. Sell my house fast can be hugely stressful because of the memories it holds. This makes it very difficult to negotiate with a clear mind. All those emotions tend to blind us and we might not be in the best frame of mind to negotiate.

On the flip side, a Realtor Vancouver professional not only has your best interest in mind but they can also negotiate in a non-biased way. They won’t be emotional and so they’ll be able to think clearly and influence effectively. Don’t forget that they’re also trained in negotiating, which many of us aren’t.

What do Realtor Vancouver professionals offer?

Real estate is a competitive market and you’ll be able to find many Realtor Vancouver professionals wherever you are. There’s bound to be someone you feel you can trust and who can provide you with the following basics:

  •     Market Knowledge
  •     A network of professional support
  •     Project Management

Market Knowledge

It’s only normal for Realtor Vancouver professionals to know their market inside out. This means that they’ll know about properties that aren’t publicly known and therefore how your property stands out within that wider market. It’s true that you can still list your property with a real estate firm and not use their services.

However, their network means that they might be able to propose to potential buyers who are simply on the lookout but not in a hurry. You never know who might fall in love with your property but you won’t be able to access them without your agent.

Professional Support Network

Selling a house involves reams of documents from legal to financial. Depending on your situation, you might appreciate an introduction to the right legal firm at a good price thanks to your agent’s relationship. Furthermore, they may be able to pre-empt any buyer financing issues by introducing lender contacts early on in the process.

Project Management

Many of us do some form of project management in our own work. The great thing about working with a Realtor Vancouver professional is that they’ll be your project manager.

You don’t have to constantly reschedule things and try to balance requirements because they’ll do that for you. In fact, they take away the stress of the process for you and you’ll only need to make decisions as and when required.

Conclusions on Selling Your Home Without A Realtor Vancouver professional

The main attraction of selling a home on your own is the money saved on commission, often around 6%. Whilst it’s logistically possible to go ahead alone, you do face some serious risks. In fact, you might end up paying more to cover hidden issues you haven’t spotted because of lack of experience.

On the other hand, a Realtor Vancouver professional manages everything for you and reviews all legal and financial details. That way, you can have peace of mind and a successful sale of your property.

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