Best Reviewed Wireless Car Charger for Your iPhone

Wireless chargers have become quite popular nowadays, as many people are using them at home, and even in transit. The best wireless car charger should hold your phone firm and ensure it juices up quickly.

When looking at an iPhone, the first thing to note is their fast charging cap of 7.5 watts. It’s one of the leading brands in the market with tons of high-end phones. Manufacturers recently bowed to pressure to come up with a new generation of wireless charging phones. Initially, their older devices never had wireless charging provisions. So, here are some of the car mounts to use for your iPhone:

ELLESYE Wireless Car Charger

This is the best wireless car charger to mount on your dashboard. It can also fit perfectly on your windshield, rather than your air vent. They’ve made it in an innovative way that allows you to check your phone conveniently. So, when driving, the phone remains within your line of sight. This helps to reduce distraction on the road, which may be costly to life.

A car mount needs to be strategic in a way that you can easily glance down to check your phone. This is especially important when you’re using a navigation app like Google Maps, which requires coordination. Also, the fact that it boosts your phone throughout the time it’s holding it means that it won’t run dry at any point.

The base of this wireless car charger has a potent suction cup that helps to extract air out. This is important when attaching the charger to the dashboard or windshield. It has a flexible arm that extends wide and long to accommodate different sizes of devices. And since you might need to charge your iPad, this is probably a great idea. Also, the fact that the mount can rotate up to 270 degrees means that you can adjust your phone easily. When using a navigation app, changing from landscape to portrait and vice versa is crucial.

The Ultimate Wireless Car Charger by Fiora

This wireless car charger by Fiora is an ideal option for iPhone users. Aside from being a phone mount, it also doubles up as a video dash cam. You might not see the need to have a video dash cam in the initial stages until something happens. It doesn’t have to be tragic, which we hope not anyways.

However, when there’s an accident without any witnesses, then a body cam could help you prove the truth. A mere word of mouth is probably not going to convince the insurance company of your innocence. You know how hard those compensations are to follow. A dash cam will clearly record everything that happens and help you out in such times.

Now back to how this wireless car charger juices up your iPhone. It has a fast charging capacity of up to 15 watts. But you won’t need that much with iPhones, as they have a capping at 7.5 watts.

The ultimate wireless car charger by Fiora has a 360 degrees rotation, which makes it easy to use when driving. Let’s say you’re using maps, you can turn your phone into a portrait or landscape quickly. It offers three mounting positions, which is convenient for many users. You can place the phone on the windshield, air conditioning vents, or on the dashboard.

IOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Car Charger

Another great wireless car charger for the iPhone is the IOttie easy one touch. It comes at budget friendly pricing, but still has amazing features. Its compatibility with a wide range of devices makes it an ideal option to carry with you on the road. You’ll be confident knowing that not only will you charge the iPhone but also other devices.

This wireless car charger can attach to the windshield and dashboard conveniently. However, there’ve been a few user reports of it failing to work well on leather dashboards. But it works perfectly on all other surfaces.

To secure your iPhone, this wireless car charger uses a patented process. It involves a lock and release technique that has an automatic locking arm that secures your phone. Therefore, you can be confident that the phone won’t move around even when you’re going through rough terrain.

Its telescopic arm allows you to use your phone in both landscape and portrait modes. You can also angle the phone in any position that’s best convenient for you. To ensure that any extra devices you have stay juiced up too, the mount has an extra USB port just for this purpose.

DOCA Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

They say that the best design of a wireless car charger is the one that you don’t even notice. And that’s what you get with the DOCA magnetic charger. It utilizes magnetic technology to secure your phone firmly. You’ll need to attach a thin magnetic plate between your phone and the charging pad, or use a metallic case.

It allows a 360 degrees direction rotation, which gives you the liberty to use the phone in both landscape and portrait modes.

Final Thoughts

You probably have made your choice of which wireless car charger to buy for your iPhone. Go get it and juice up your phone on the go.

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