The Importance of Responsive Web Design In Modern Era

Responsive web design has gained a lot of popularity in the last half a decade. It has significantly changed the manner in which entities design their online presence. But then what is responsive web design? Well, this is a site with the ability to adapt the screen for which it is used on irrespective of the device.

The web gives users the best experience that perfectly fits their device and can provide the site with several benefits by automatically reformatting. The concept of responsive web design was first introduced back in the year 2010, though it was recommended five years later.

Ever since there have been a lot of updates and have gained a lot of significance. In this blog, we are going to discuss the importance of responsive web design. Let us begin by discussing the need for it first.

Responsiveness is Decent for SEO

Let’s just not forget, user experience is fine for SEO as well. When the users have got an excellent experience on the site, the search engine is sort of likely to rank a site higher. It is also an essential component of the paid ads to have it in mind.

However, one of the most crucial aspects of responsiveness and SEO is the very fact that Google in recent times went on to change the crawl preferences to go on and prefer the mobile-friendly site.

What All One Needs To Consider In The Website’s Responsiveness

The moment it boils down to responsiveness, you are going to wish to consider taking a peek at the website:

  1. The overall loading speed
  2. Flexibility and the image size on your website
  3. The framework of your website
  4. Adaptability to distinct devices

It is a consolidated list, however, the very point is that this is that simple to make sure that the website is pretty responsive. 

The next point is when you concentrate on all these factors then you are going to go and save money, time, and plenty of hassle in the longer run.

The Need for It

Recent studies show access to the internet has significantly increased in the recent past. In line with this, smartphones have gained a lot of popularity. For instance, as of 2014, 22% of individuals used their phones for browsing. Very few people had smartphones then.

However, the launching of 4G internet coupled with other significant innovations transformed the manner in which individuals use their phones. In the year 2014 only, 4G enrolments increased acutely to 23.6 million from 2.7 million.

What a significant change! As of December 2016, the use of the mobile web had surpassed desktop usage for the first time in history. This clearly indicates how individuals use their phones for browsing at the expense of laptop or desktops. This was a dramatic change in conduct, with many people transacting online and being active in social media platforms.

On this basis, it became extremely important to consider responsive web design. In simple words, your business requires a web which runs effectively on smartphones as well as other mobile screens.

This is specifically because of the sheer number of individuals likely to utilize your web via smartphones or tablets. The advancement in technology has made the society we live in a multi-screen.

That is why it has become increasingly important for your online presence to be viewable through many devices. You cannot tell the exact device that a potential client might use to look at your web.

As we mentioned earlier, smartphone usage has surpassed desktops and the gap will continue to widen. With this in mind, let us now shift our attention to the specific benefits of responsive web design.

The Significance of a Responsive Web Design

In this section, we discuss the five benefits that come with responsive web design. Let us begin right away.

1.    Responsive web design is flexible

Making adjustments can not only be faster but also easy if you need website redesign. You are not plagued with doubts and worries in effecting adjustments in two websites. Such flexibility is even more essential when you desire to make a haste design tweak or in case you simply want to fix a typo to the web – I mean it can only be done once.

2.    Higher Level of User Experience.

One thing web owners cherish more is the level of user experience. It is important for individuals to love your website. You need to make it easy for them to navigate so that they can visit it once again.

In case a person visits a site that takes long to load, or the images have an improper resolution, your business is more likely to be perceived unprofessional. Who wants to transact with an unprofessional place?

Responsive web design is very important in this regard. It can help you convince clients to consider your company again. Since zooming and scrolling will be canceled, it will be quicker and easier to view content. Visitors will then have positive impressions.

3.    Cost-Effectiveness

It can be quite expensive to run two sites for mobile and non-mobile clients. Responsive design will help you save a lot by preventing the expenses on a mobile site. You will be able to invest in a one website design which appeals to all clients and all visitors.

4.    SEO Gains

Many entities use SEO strategy to boost their ranking on Google Search Research Page. Appearing at the top of the list means there are higher chances potential clients will view your site.

Responsive web design will help you since Google prioritizes sites that are mobile-friendly. To improve your chances of ranking high, have responsive web design testing regularly.

5.    Ease of Management

You may lack time to keep on updating your website. Responsive web design will help you make the necessary changes personally faster and easily. You do not have to spend on a designer to manage each aspect of your site. This also means you will be able to save costs.

What is more, having only one web for all your audiences makes management relatively easier. You do not have to worry about linking either of your sites to social media, or even wonder whether your redirect links may be functional in order to attract the right clients to the right site. Responsiveness will relieve you of much of the stress involving the management of your website.


With the advancement in technology, you need responsive web design. As we highlighted in the preceding section, you cannot tell the kind of device a prospective client will use to view your web.

We have discussed at least five benefits that come with responsive web design. To benefit more, consider responsive web design testing. We hope this has been helpful to you. Thank you.

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