TaoTronics BH07 Wireless in ear headphones review

TaoTronics is the most popular in-ear headphones in the market these days. It’s a surprise that most people even don’t know about TaoTronics. They are super cool, have a decent design, and have great sound for the little price tag.

If you are going on a journey and have left your buds at home then TaoTronics will be the best to buy because they are priced a few bucks and are a great pair of buds.

Finding the right gadget within a budget is a really tough job. Every budget-friendly headphones have some features poor as compared to the good ones. Finding something that has decent sound, stylish design, and good connectivity is very hard.

TaoTronics isn’t the best as compared to the high-budget headphones but the company has done justice to the price tag. You will definitely be happy to have them if you are out of a budget and want budget-friendly headphones.

TaoTronics BH07

Design and comfort

The design of the TaoTronics wireless earphones is very simple and lightweight. TaoTronics lacks a neckband, they have a plain cable with remote control and a slightly bigger earphone.

Trends show that earphones with a neckband are more practical but I would definitely prefer lightweight plain cable such as ToaTronics BH07. The TaoTronics BH07 earphones use silicone ear-tips and they are a tight fit. So it won’t annoy you with constant falling and give you a snug fit.

On the back of the Earbuds, a magnet has attached that snaps together with the buds around your neck, when they are not in use. You can simply attach them to each other and wear them like a necklace around your neck.

The buds have hooks that support the weight of the earphones and help them not fall off the buds during running or extensive workouts. If you are not a fan of the hooks, you can simply remove them but as the buds of the TaoTronics are a little bigger in size, so you would be better off leaving them as they are.

The remote of the TaoTronics looks a little cheap, it’s made of plastic, and shaped like a long stick. There is nothing special in the remote and it also causes the Earbuds to fall which is awkward. The buttons on the remote are well-spaced and very easy to use. It will take you a few minutes to understand how they work. The remote also has a port for charging, which is covered by a rubber flap to save it from sweat.

Talking about the battery life of the TaoTronics, It has a battery life of up to 5 hours which is not that great but given the lower price, it’s decent. If you are a gym buddy and want to use them in a workout session it will be more than enough for you.

Features and Wireless Connectivity

Talking about the features of TaoTronics BH07, they have some tremendous features given their fair price. The Bluetooth connectivity is really very good, they don’t disconnect or blip when you move away from the phone or you are running. This is really impressive because it’s very rare in a lot of headphones.

Another good thing is the Bluetooth chipset aptX which is a high-quality Bluetooth driver. Honestly, it won’t make any difference in listening to music but having something good is fairer than cheap drivers. They can stream music at a higher data rate.

Sound Quality

The sound of the TaoTronics BH07 isn’t that great and there is nothing to brag about. The sound of the TaoTronics BH07 is flat and it’s dull to listen to it. The depth of the bass is really poor and crude, they feel small and lifeless.

They claim to have a good balance of sound, their claim isn’t entirely empty. If you listen to them, they don’t feel natural or odd to listen to it. But the problem is if you are a constant listener, after some time you feel tired to listen to them. So they are not for audiophiles but they won’t annoy you if you use them for a short span of time.

They will make you feel tired because they lack the smoothness and detail of the sound. But given the lower price tag. They are totally worth buying but if you can afford to buy higher-priced headphones then you must go for some other.

Why Buy Them?

Well, for 20$ headphones, they are a great piece of In-ear-headphones. They have excellent Bluetooth technology, Great design, and Magnets that snaps together with the buds. This kind of feature is very rare in such small-priced earphones.

But if you have a budget more than that you should definitely go for higher-priced earphones that will give you more quality and great sound to listen to it.

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