Similar and Best Alternatives Of Sockshare

Sockshare used to be a popular third-party platform that used to stream TV shows and movies online. This platform had a quick interface and very few ads and that is why this platform got popular very quickly.

Sockshare was a  popular online movie and TV show streaming platform. This was one of the greatest gifts from the internet that we received. This site required no signing up or registration and had more than a million viewers or members. This platform streamed free online tv programs, movies, and cartoons. 

Why Did Sockshare Shut Down?

Many allegations were raised against Sockshare. One among them was that it had copied most of the content that had been able for streaming. Therefore, owing to legal proceedings and actions taken by the copyright owners and the government led to the shutdown of this platform. 

Sockshare tried preventing the total shutdown of the platform by suggesting removing the domain. This had a great impact as the users were missioned on their best TV shows and most of the updates. Gradually this platform totally shutdown.

But, there are also many alternatives to Sockshare that can be found online and have great reviews too. Let’s find out some of them.

Best Alternatives Of Sockshare


This can be considered as the best alternative for Sockshare and is one of the best used online platforms for watching TV shows, movies, and cartoons. Putlocker also has a large collection of the content of different genres.

This platform possesses an easy to use interface and has an excellent user experience. There is no need for registration and you can enjoy live streaming shows without any charge. Putlocker provides high-quality content which is also updated on a regular basis.


This platform allows its users to stream all the popular movies and shows available on the internet. This is a total premium-looking platform and though while playing some shows some popup appears. This platform has a clear and convenient user interface and recently has got much popularity among the users. It also provides the best streaming experience to the users.

This platform has a huge collection of shows and movies, be it old or new. The various genres it covers are comedy, romance, sci-fi, horror, history, family drama, etc. There is a browsing category that is newly introduced and this stream shows from countries like Japan, Finland, Hong Kong, the US, Australia, etc. This platform has no age bar and anyone can access it.


This platform is also very much popular for the online streaming of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. It is free of cost, and the users are able to watch useful and beneficial content. The interface of this platform is very easy and quick to use. 

Rainieland as a site also has a stock of shows from different genres and the stock is vast. This app also provides multiple language options and recently has updated the latest shows in multiple dubbed languages. Like many other such sites, Rainierland also does not promote ads.


With lesser chances of Sockshare coming back, we hope you find the above-discussed platforms worthy enough to enlist among your favorites. Let us know your user experience with these sites in the comments below.

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