Streaming Platforms: Is it the new norm?

During the old times, Movies and other entertainment content were available only on theatres and televisions. Today things have changed as everyone owns a media consuming device.  

As the internet speed also increased with the help of 4G and 5G technologies, anyone can stream high-definition movies or can even download high-definition content from online. This feature was made possible because of the technology named streaming. 

Streaming is the process of continuous transmission of digital signals (both audio and video) from the server to a client. There are many popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Apple Tv, etc. Streaming is different and more efficient than downloading. 

If we download the content, the client’s storage space will be affected, and the content cannot be accessed until it finishes downloading. While using this streaming technology, the media is stored remotely in a cloud, the client’s storage space remains unaffected.

Streaming Technology- A boon or a bane

The media is transferred from the server to the client at a very high speed which requires high-speed internet for better quality. A streaming video starts to load at the beginning for a short period which is known as buffering. 

Another great advantage of the streaming service is that it is available all over the world. Even though streaming technology has more benefits, it has some disadvantages too. The main disadvantage of streaming is that it is available only online.  

Streaming media content from a website is only available online. So, this technology is limited and cannot be accessed by the people in remote areas without internet facility. Streaming also requires a stable internet connection. 

The quality of the content gets affected by the stability and speed of the internet. If the internet drops in the middle of streaming, one might have to stream the video from the beginning. 

Data stealing and content piracy are other crucial problems. As there are a lot of unofficial platforms offering streaming services, there is a possible risk of losing personal and financial details. Platforms like torrent, solarmovie provide some poor service of supporting piracy.

Solarmovie’s growing popularity

Solarmovie is a famous site that lists other streaming websites and plays a safer game. The website suggestions given by Solarmovie may or may not be trustworthy, still, they safely run an illegal business. Providing our details to these unsafe service providers may lead to misuse of user data. 

Solarmovie acted like a search engine providing connections to pirated sites. This technology made movie search easy, but as movie piracy is illegal, and due to the copyright issues, solarmovie faced various problems. 

These problems resulted in shutting down the biggest movie search engine platform, but it gave rise to more websites which aimed to do the same job as Solarmovie. 

Closing Thoughts

Nowadays, watching movies online are very continent, and subscribing to a trusted platform comes with a price. So, nothing comes for free with security assurance. People should stop streaming from non-trusted sites and must be aware of data theft. 

With an extensive streaming collection of movies and TV series on trustful platforms has made life more convenient and enjoyable. There is no one-stop solution or one trusted platform. Streaming platforms are a booming business, with a lot of trustable options available in the world.

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