Best Free Online and Reliable Fax Services

Faxing as technology has become pretty outdated. But their many organizations are still doing business through fax. You might face the odd of not having a fax machine at your office but there are multiple free fax online services available.


With the printers capturing the market, there has been a scarcity of fax machines. Again to rent one machine at the local supply store would not be a cheap affair.  Also, you will have to make sure that the recipient to whom you are sending the fax receives a legible copy of the same. This means waiting to get confirmation from the recipient’s end.  

The process of online faxing has succeeded in replacing the beast with the screech and getting rid of the fax machine. With the advent of online faxing services there comes no requirement for fax machines. 

Online faxing services help us to send fax from our computers and receive them through mails.  There also are various mobile apps that can be used to send and receive the fax. Fax is a tough process but made easy through modern technology.

Free Online Fax Services

Online faxing is the recent and updated process of sending and receiving fax for business or other purposes. Unlike the traditional method, online faxing is a method that provides users with the best and pleasant faxing experience. Let us discuss below the best few free faxes online services that are available:

Fax Zero 

With the help of FaxZero, you can send fax anywhere in the world be it local or global. All you need to do is to upload a document or a pdf form. You can also add text to be sent through fax. But, here the fax receiving function is unavailable.  

You can send up to three pages per fax each day. And you can send up to 5 faxes in a day.  But, given there is a need to send more than three pages per fax, then you will be charged $1.99 and with that, you can send up to 25 pages per fax.

Faxbetter Free

In this service, you will receive a toll-free fax number that would allow you to receive up to 50 pages per month. Whenever you receive a fax, you will be notified with an email of the receipt. Faxbetter Free has 1000 pages stored up for each account for the consumer to access the online fax system. 

But, this is only a fax receiving process and you can send a fax through this service. There is also a paid version. You can invest $5.95 where you can receive a fax of 500 pages a month.  Also you can send and receive fax in various formats. In this plan, you also get unlimited fax storage and searchable fax notifications.

Pam Fax 

This is another free service and the users get three pages per fax. This service can be accessed from all types of mediums like the web, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone/iPad, Android, and Blackberry 10. This service also has a paid version too which has support for Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box.

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