Shanna Mendiola: Current Net Worth 2020

Shanna Mendiola is a renowned meteorologist at NBC. The meteorologist has won an Emmy award for her work. Over the years she has been able to create a fan base for herself. Shanna Mendiola recently made the headlines through her philanthropic work. She helps out children with disabilities.

She has motivated students and many youngsters to take up a career in meteorology.

Shanna Mendiola’s Journey

Shanna Mendiola was born in Fillipino in 1984. There is not much news about her family but it is known that Shanna Mendiolass’s mother was a nurse and it was through her guidance that Shanna pursued metrology.

Shanna was quite brilliant at academics and it was her passion that drove her to what she is today. She completed her education from Wooster College as a clinical psychologist. She studied further and did her doctorate in the same subject. 

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Shanna Mendiola: Life prior to NBC4

Shanna Mendiola worked at different organizations before landing a job at NBC network. She was part of KDVR, KGO-TV, KWVN to name a few. As a part of these jobs she had to shift continuously from Oregon, Denver and San Francisco.    

At NBC4, Shanna Mendiola has been able to garner a huge fan following. Almost everyone loves her charismatic presence. She features in “Today in LA” which airs on TV around 4am TO 7 am. 

Her day starts off at 2 am in the morning. She has been a great philanthropist as well. Shanna Mendiola has a huge fan following on her social media handles.

Shanna Mediola net worth is around $2 million making her the richest news reporter. Despite achieving so many big feet she is quite down to earth. 

There is this conjecture going on that Shanna Mendiola is in a relationship with Brian Tong. They have featured together in a few of her posts on Instagram. We don’t know how much of this is true.

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