Dino Masterchef Current Net Worth

Dino Angelo Luciano became a household name in the US after winning the famous culinary show Masterchef US. Dino won season 8 of the show. For those who don’t know what Masterchef is all about, then here it is, the contestants compete with each other preparing the best dishes.

At times they have to copy the judge Chef and at times they have to come up with their own dish. Chefs Gordon Ramsay, Christiana Tosi, and Aaron Sanchez as the judges.

Who is Dino Angelo Luciano?

Dino was born in 1989. Prior to the show, Dino was a dancer from New York. He grew up at Bensonhurst. Cooking was something he learned from his grandmother.

As a child, Dino suffered from Obsessive-Compulsive disorder due to which he suffered from anxiety. Despite all this, Dino overcame his fears and is now a successful chef.

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Dino Angelo Luciano winning the Masterchef

Winning the Masterchef Season 8 proved to be a turning point in Dino’s life. Season 8 was one of the best and toughest seasons in Masterchef US.

The contestant gave the judges quite a hard time. Jason Wong, Adam, Jenny Cavellier, Mark Tagoni, and Dino all were tough contenders which made Season 8 quite interesting. 

Dino won the show and it was rightly so. Dino made some of the best dishes on the show and all his dishes were quite unique. His lamb chop, squid ink pasta, and tiramisu with twist won him the winner’s title. 

After the show, Dino joined the Muse and Market as the Executive Chef. He also hosted several dining experiences and spectacular dinners as the Gourmet Rabbit.

Dino is just 28 but has been able to create a personal brand for himself. Currently, Dino Masterchef net worth is estimated to be around $1 million that he earned through winning the show and working at Muse.

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