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People might not be aware of who Sara Kapfer is but everyone knows her famous ex-husband Cuba Gooding Jr. Yes, the same Cuba Gooding Jr. who featured in movies like Outbreak, Jerry Maguire for which he even won the prestigious Academy Award. The actor ended a 24-year marriage with Sara Kapfer in 2014. 

Who is Sara Kapfer?

Sara Kapfer was born in New York in the year 1969. She did her schooling at North Hollywood High School.

The same school where Cuba Gooding Jr. also did his education. Sara Kapfer did a Bachelor’s degree in Education and started working as a professional teacher. 

In 1994, the couple tied the knot and made it official. Sara is a mother to three beautiful children- Spenser, Mason and Piper.

Mason has followed in his father’s footsteps and has become an Actor. He has featured in films like Booksmart and Let it Snow. 

In 2014, Sara Kapfer filed a divorce against her husband Cuba Gooding Jr. Sources say that Cuba had an affair and Sara had found him cheating on her. Sara also stated that Cuba wasn’t the person he portrayed in public. 

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Sara Kapfer being cheated by her husband

According to sources, it was not one time that Gooding Jr. was caught cheating on Sara.

He has had an affair with several women post marriage and things were never alright with the couple. Just for her kids, Sara didn’t make all this public. 

Finally, in 2014, Sara came out and filed a divorce. It is highly commendable of her to come out and speak of the wrongdoings Cuba Gooding Jr. Sara Kapfer got custody of the kids.

The children have grown enough to support her mother. Apart from that Cuba Gooding Jr. had to pay an alimony amount to support Sara Kapfer.

According to sources Sara Kapfer net worth is $15 million including the alimony which she got from Cuba Gooding Jr. This paved for other celebrity wives to come out and express their problems as well.

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