Best alternative sources of Project Free TV to watch movies

All of us have heard of Project Free TV.  It used to be one of the most popular platforms for online viewing. You could watch all types of movies or TV shows on this platform.

Project Free TV was considered as one of the oldest and best entertainment websites for watching all your favorite shows in one place. All you needed to do was to select a show and this platform would provide you link to multiple websites from where you could get access to the free websites that provide access to your favorite shows or movies.

The ban in 2017

But later on, many copyright holders to those websites whose links used to be provided to the audience by Project Free TV put forward many petitions to ban this platform and after many struggles to survive, finally, in the year 2017, PFTV had to be closed.  But to the surprise of the audiences, the website was again re-launched on a different domain.


Though Project Free Tv is back many have claimed that whatever content like the TV Shows or movies that PFTV streams online are illegal and it is not sure if the audiences can be sued or penalized for accessing illegal content. 

It happens that the audiences are asked to click on unsafe links to watch online videos. Those links are redirected to some sponsored websites that might not be safe and also the content presented on those websites might be illegal. So, it would be wise to not watch streaming shows from PFTV.

Alternatives to PFTV

Now that Project Free TV is no safer to watch movies or videos online it is better to look for alternatives.  The Internet has become part of our lives and in the faster running world, we hardly have time to sit in front of the Television to binge our favorite shows.

Therefore we present you some best alternate options for PFTV so that you can carry on with your work as well as binge-watch your shows online :

Movies Flixster

Movies Flixster is a well-known site that is famous for its easy navigations. On this website, it is very easy to search the trending shows with the search bar present on the home page.

On this site, you can also find the ratings of each show content that would help you to make better decisions. There is also a separate list created for Coming Soon. The best part is that this website is free.

Daily Motion

Each show from all channels and sites can be found in Daily Motion. Asian and American sitcoms, Indian Movies, everything is updated and available on this site. And again, this website is free too and streams high-quality videos.

Series Free TV

Another best alternative of Project Free TV Series Free TV and the name itself tells everything. This site is one of the fastest and trending sites for streaming free movies and shows.

On this site, you will find both the latest and old shows. There is no hassle for registration and also this channel features as few advertisements as possible.


With these free sites, you have unlimited access to free entertainment.  Now you can get set ready for full-on entertainment.

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