Netflix Users, Don’t Fall for This Phishing Scam

Additionally to catching on the kicking ex-roommates and Stranger Things off the account, one now has a thing else to wonder about when you are the user of a Netflix. As WYFF report, there is this phishing scam that is currently circulating through an email that happens to target subscribers to a streaming service.

Netflix is the number one live streaming service that has ever graced the face of the internet. With its wide range of content and an increased user base, there was no question as to who would stay ahead in this compelling race of the best streaming service there is. But recently, there has been an upsurge of strange emails that is being dogging the current Netflix subscribers. This looks like the repetition of the scandals that took place late last year in September and October.

The email consisted of a link that asks the existing subscribers to click on it and update the account’s payment information. If we look at it in the first instance, the email looks very much legitimate and there have been users who fell prey to the same.

Netflix have shared a fair warning to their users making them aware that the Company would never ask for their personal information so brashly. The email also consisted of a message stating that, “Your account is on hold”, which actually forced many to recheck these details.


But the officials of laws are warning the web users to not click a link in an email that may come from some of the unfamiliar sources. “The criminals want one to click a link thus an individual voluntarily gives the personal identity info away. It’s pretty successful,” the Solon, the Ohio cop department went on to share in the FB post. “Do not click any link. The links may also be an easy and simple way by them to install the malware on the computer.”

These phishing emails contain some clues that it is not legitimate as it lists the international mobile number, uses a British spelling of the center, and goes on to open with an unusual greeting that reads “Hi Dear.”

But also without any giveaways, you’d always be aware of emails asking for your personal info, even when they go on to appear to come from firms that you believe.

With respect to a blog post released by the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have confirmed the possibility of a phishing scam. The email will force the users to enter sensitive information such as the bank account number, credit card details, ID card numbers, passwords, and so on and so forth to make it look official, but it is not.

Clicking on it might result in your account being locked permanently, your details getting implicated by such illicit users and that would mean trouble for you.

Netflix also has a security section in the website which has time and again claimed the fact that, the company does not believe in sending information over emails.

Some of these details include,

– Transaction-based information like credit card numbers, PINs, debit account information, etc.

–          SSN or the Social Security Number which is a Unique Identification code for every U.S. Citizen.

–          Netflix account password.

As per the official statement released by Netflix, they have conveyed the fact that phishers will always be a part of the system. There are many steps in place which help them detect the fake ones among the rest, and this helps them to keep their accounts more safe and secure.

The very first thing which the FTC recommends would be to check for the erratic email addresses. You can go to the official website and look into the FAQ section which describes in detail that you should always be aware of such emails. You should think twice before clicking on such unscrupulous email IDs and always look for the linked URLs that are mentioned at the bottom of the window.

If you find in the midst of such a scenario, you should immediately approach the Company with the complaint and the nature of it in detail. Or, you can register a complaint to the FTC website thus making it official.

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