Comprehensive Analysis on a Smart SEO Strategy to Improve Ranking

Digital Marketing industry has soared greater heights than ever before in its successive years. The Search Engine Optimization or SEO contributes in increasing your website rankings effectively. It involves using tactics, skills and some fresh mix of novel concepts to make it work.

If the official reports are to be believed, there are more than 3.9 billion users having an internet connection all around the world, and close to 3 billion searches are conducted every single day. So, there is tough competition ahead!

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What Should Be Your Mindset?

You should think of every little aspect when it comes to employing an SEO strategy that is beneficial for you and your organization. Since there are a lot of modifications going on with the search engine process flow, you should have a smart strategy in place. Some of these are given below;

·         Analyze Your Competition– Not a joke, but an absolute truth. Getting to know your competition is the best way to devise a strategy so as to improve your website rankings. Some of the key factors where you can zero in on the pain points are,

–          Analyzing their keywords: Don’t plagiarise them, rather than that make a workaround to make it more enticing

–          Link Building – Look out for the anchor texts, sources and other vital details in this case.

–          Content Analysis – Track each and every one of them including each and every key point.

·         Backlink Analysis– Backlinks can be defined as links that redirect you towards another page which exponentially markets your website by increasing the user traffic. While this strategy works for the most part of the entire process, you should analyze them carefully.

There are cases when some will perform better and some might not for organization in certain scenarios. Therefore, it calls for performance evaluation which will ensure that there are no spammy backlinks which would only prove to be a burden to you.

·         Mobile Optimization– There has been a notable surge in the number of smartphone users, which again increases the number of mobile searches that are made daily. 2017 was the year when the mobile traffic seemingly trounced the web traffic by a large amount, mainly taking over the industry by storm.

This calls for mobile optimization at the swiftest level. Some of the factors taken into account are,

–          Websites must load at an increased speed than normal

–          Performance goals should be set and so on and so forth.

·         Use a secure connection– Having a secure connection should also be among your priority list to improve your SEO ratings. There have been reports that clients do no look at websites that don’t guarantee a secure connection which is why you should take care of this. Because of this many of the companies have switched over to a secure protocol such as the HTTPS, which is a rather preferable one.


These strategies have been tried and tested by industry-level experts and companies alike to make sure that they work. It is an absolute firm belief that they will help the said companies to craft a new niche in the market for the years to come.

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