Internet Identity Theft Protection: How You can safeguard Your Identity?

Gone are the days when identity theft was only a problem in the physical world. Digital era has ushered a new wave of Identity theft cases that are not only more severe in terms of monetary losses but even harder to detect as well.

Online Identity theft is not just about finding a Facebook profile carrying all your personal information and personal pictures or finding out that someone has tricked your friends to loan out a substantial amount of money because they made your family believe that you were stuck in an offshore vacation nightmare.

Frequent data breaches caused in the centralized data pools of large corporations have changed the dynamics of internet-based identity theft and it is high time that online users start taking internet identity theft protection seriously.

We have written down 3 basic practices that a common internet user can adapt to in order to protect their identity from online identity thieves.

Identity Theft Protection

Regularly Update Passwords

As a user, passwords are your first line of defense as account takeover is the biggest form of internet identity theft these days.

Make sure that you use more than one password for all your online profiles and use a combination of capital letter words, numeric words and some shift+alphabet characters to make your passwords harder to crack.

Using more than 1 passwords is an excellent tactic for Internet Identity theft protection as it ensures that even one of your account is compromised due to lax security features of one the online services, rest of your accounts will remain safe from the toxic tentacles of identity theft.

Never Share Account Details

Never and we mean not even if your life depends on it, never share login details of any of your online service with anyone.

We understand that you might trust that one person in the world with even your life and he/she will never divulge your personal information to an identity thief, even with a gun to their head but it is a proven fact that most of the victims of identity theft lost their identity because one of their trusted friend or family member forgot to log out your account from a publically accessible computer or digital device. Others ended up using the account to use offered services over a public Wi-Fi.

Trust a service with Identity theft Solution

Make sure that you turn to online businesses and ventures that take the online identity of their users seriously. Most of the times, people who go to extreme lengths for internet identity theft protection end up losing their personal information only because they trusted on a service provider that was too lazy to get a reliable ID verification or KYC authentication solution.

There are many reliable Identity verification solutions available like Shufti Pro that provide the most exquisite online identity theft protection to digital businesses.

Real-Time verification results also ensure that identity theft protection does not become a nuisance in the overall user experience. So only trust services that are putting equal, if not more, effort to secure your identity as yourself.

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