Know How to Resolve Not Receiving Emails Issue in Zoho Mail

Zoho mail is a vast online webmail application that aims the enterprise users and provides service for their business solutions and also provides an email service that is absolutely free for an individual’s personal use. The Zoho online system provides a large number of featured applications some of which are integrated with some automated tools and one another as well for smooth data transaction.

As it is known that the user has to pay for each tool of Zoho to use it wisely for business and personal work. The email stands on a major position as the user may have many important works related to the Zoho emails. Thus, emails in Zoho has to be maintained so that the business is worked fine for some users to their stands.

However, in the present time, it is noted that the emails in Zoho mail are not received correctly, even though they are sent them multiple times. Thus, we have come up with the solutions that resolve emails restricted to get into the Inbox of Zoho mail. Let us start to know how not receiving emails issue is resolved in Zoho mail.

How to Resolve “Not Receiving Emails Issue” in Zoho Mail

Before we start with the solutions let’s get to some queries so that you could match your issues with them and know if this article could resolve the issues you have indulged with.

Common Queries

“I could send emails from all of the Zoho accounts that I created, but could not receive any email in Zoho mail box. I have just successfully set up Zoho Mail using my own URL I can send out emails but can’t receive any emails. They bounce back, with the error message.”

Reason: Remote SMTP server has rejected the address

Diagnostic code: smtp;550 domain has no accounts configured / domain is suspended / domain does not exist

Please help me. Thanks in Advance.”

“I am having the problem of not receiving emails. My domains is with Godaddy and I has deleted the other MX Records, as well set up the SMTP. My account is and the domain I feel like I have tried everything and really stumped as what else to adjust! Any other suggestions? Thanks!!”

“I can see an incoming email in my web host’s webmail services, but the incoming messages will not filter into Zoho’s inbox. MX settings are supposedly okay, but if someone can assist me. I will be glad to give them my user info/password to make this thing work like it was used to! Thanks! Veronica”

Analyzing the above queries, it is seen that the main issue caused for users to not receive the emails in Zoho mail is the mismatches occurred on the DNS server. These and all other issues could be resolved through the following methods:

  • Update, Delete MX entries on user DNS page
  • Verify your Domain and configure MX records
  • Search emails on all Email folders

An Expert Tip to Approach Safely: Use Zoho Mail Backup Tool to backup all Zoho emails so that while working on DNS server, the wrong may not harm you the way of getting your emails deleted from Zoho account.

Update, Delete MX entries on User DNS Page

When the issue of emails not receiving in Zoho mail occurs, it could be due to the wrong MX entries on the DNS page. Thus, to resolve the issue, the user needs to login to their DNS Manager and have to delete the MX entries that are not containing Zoho MX entry and update all your domain accounts on it with MX entry Zoho so that you can start receiving emails from all domains.

Search Emails On All Email Folders

In some emails sent, the Zoho mail interprets the mail to be suspicious and move it to other folders. When the user searches the mail in the Inbox they do not find the email and gets tensed or tell the sender to send it again mentioning it as not received. Thus, in case if some email is not found in the Inbox folder, the user needs to search the emails in all other email folders so that if the user finds it there no troublesome generated further.

Verify Your Domain & Configure MX Records

In cases where the Zoho mail user does not receive emails due to the domain expiration. Thus the emails sent is never received as no MX record with the Domain name exists. Then, the user needs to login to their DNS Manager, verify the Domain again and update the MX records to receive emails further on.


In this article, we have discussed some common queries that have raised for the issue of not receiving Emails in Zoho mail. The reasons pointing to this error with the solution to resolve this issue is discussed. Also, make sure while resolving the issue, take backup of the emails so that any wrong won’t harm you even if any emails get deleted or so.

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