Is Panelbucks worth using?

The internet is teeming with innumerable survey sites, which as the name implies, are websites where one can complete surveys and obtain rewards points. You can exchange these points for either gift cards or real cash. 

But it becomes very difficult to discern which ones of these websites are real and which ones are scams. This reason often prevents individuals from entering into the field of online surveys. 

That’s why we’ve formulated a quick guide for a popular survey site which is Panelbucks, to provide beginners with information that they surely need. 

What is Panel Bucks?

Panelbucks is a website that is slightly different compared to the usual run-of-the-mill survey sites.

This website acts as a middleman and connects users to other sites that are offering surveys and questionnaires, instead of doing so itself.

This is really nifty since one can get access to all kinds of surveys from various websites, without having to leave the Panelbucks site. It also means more opportunities for an individual to earn. 

Are there any benefits to using PanelBucks?

Of course, there are! The reason this site is so popular is that there are numerous advantages to using Panelbucks like –

  1. No hunting needed – Perhaps the best feature of this site is that unlike other times when you have to endlessly scour for a few surveys, here you can get lots of surveys just at once, in one place. 
  1. Easy to use – In many Panelbucks reviews, users have stated that using it is really easy, which is especially comforting for beginners and new entrants who don’t have prior experience. 
  1. Plenty of survey opportunities – Another great feature is that it directs you to several survey sites, which gives you ample opportunity to try out numerous surveys and get rewards. 

What are the cons of using Panel Bucks, if any?

Despite its good features, there are several complaints about Panelbucks, a major one being that it often redirects the user to fake and scams sites, which attempt to steal and hack into user data. 

Another con is that it claims to give participants $25 upon signing up, but it’s sadly too good to be true and isn’t actually paid at all.

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