Baby Shower Guidelines

If you live in Australia, it is most likely that you may get invited to a baby shower. On the other hand, you may be the one who is pregnant and is planning to host a baby shower. Whatever the case may be, there are etiquettes to be followed when planning a baby shower party. Here are some of them. 

Who Should Plan the Baby Shower? 

If child-birth traditions are to be followed, pre-baby bash parties are hosted by a friend or any distant relatives such as a cousin or an aunt. An immediate family member should not host the party to avoid the appearance that the family of the would-be mother is merely trying to collect baby shower gifts Australia has to offer.

However, this tradition is no longer strictly observed. Nowadays, it is acceptable for a sister or any immediate relative to host or co-host a baby shower. It is still unusual for the would-be-mother to host her shower, though.

When to Schedule a Baby Shower?

Scheduling when to hold a baby shower should also be considered. Baby showers should be held a month or a month and a half before the delivery date. This schedule ensures that the date is late enough that the pregnancy is in due course but is still early to prevent an unlikely delivery during the party. 

Since Australia is a multi-culture land, baby showers’ scheduling may differ from one culture to another. Some parents-to-be prefer to have the baby shower scheduled after the baby has been delivered.

In certain cultures, this scheduling will prevent the jinxing of the baby’s birth. Other cultural child-birth traditions consider it bad luck to accept baby shower gifts in Australia before the delivery. Whatever the decision of the honored mother-to-be, that is the decision that must be followed. 

Do You Need to Set Programs, Theme, or Games? 

No rule states that games must be played or a program should be followed. The baby shower’s main premise is to help the would-be-mother and give her advice on caring for her first child properly.

Therefore, it is important to have sharing sessions with other mothers about the joy of having a child.

Remember that pregnant women are highly emotional and have unbalanced hormone levels, and therefore, it is best to keep the childcare story sharing sessions positive and motivational. 

Are Baby Showers Only Given to the First Child?

Baby showers are most likely hosted for first-time mothers. However, it does not mean that you should not celebrate a second or third child’s birth. The first baby shower’s purpose is to help the first-time parents by giving them baby gear and supplies that you can purchase from a baby shower gift Australian store. 

Who Should You Include in Your Guests List?

If you are the one planning the baby shower for an expecting friend, you should choose close family members and friends to be part of the guest list.

Ensure that your chosen guests will celebrate motherhood’s joys with the honored parent-to-be and buy her gifts that the baby can use. Nowadays, baby showers are no longer restricted to women only.

Co-ed showers that honor both would-be-parents are becoming a norm. However, when planning for a baby shower with both the mom and dad present, consider planning the would-be-father and his guests’ needs.

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