The Impact of Digital Technology on Photography

We have known photography since quite a long time. It is an art that drew the imaginations of many enthusiasts all around the world. It helped to capture lasting memories and throughout the years, it has evolved a lot and this newest trend is gripping the market by storm.

Digital Technology is a trend that has blended in completely with photography culminating into a level that is unlike that has been possibly witnessed. It has successfully moulded the way in which we take photos using technology as your lens. We would be looking at some of the points which led to this impactful and eloquent difference in the market.

The Inception of DSLR

DSLR or the Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera has changed the way photography works completely. Previously photographers needed to be much accurate in their art to take a good enough picture. DSLRs have literally changed the way it is done and that has created a novel profession in the market called professional photographers. You get the ability to take multiple shots in a single frame without so much as batting an eye.

Some of the factors which come into digital photography are;

·         ISO: It is used to marginalize the sensitivity of the image sensor in your lens.

·         Depth of field: It is an optical phenomenon that is used to measure the distance at the focus plane where the images actually appear to be much sharper.

·         Aperture: It is an opening wherein the light travels through.

·         Focal Stop: When you are setting up a camera, your aperture should also be setup at a desired position. The F-Stop or the focal stop calibration determines the amount of light that should pass the lens through the film.

All of these factors determine how great your entire film will look like. In comparison to the time before, DSLR has truly changed the concept of art in a remarkable way.

Storing, Sharing and Marketing

When you took a picture using the classic camera, it would take time for it to develop and get the actual picture in your hand. But all that has changed now with the beginning of the Digital technology and it has radicalized the way in which the process is carried out.

Using the DSLR camera, you would be able to click your photo and look how it looks almost instantly. Using an active Bluetooth connection, you would be able to transfer your files in your PC or Laptop for viewing it later. We get expandable memory cards on which we can store tons of photos with a great transfer rate as well from camera to PC.

Marketing is another factor which is also done digitally now. With a great website or a blog armed with perfectly timed pictures, you can market it effectively in your circles and for your clients as well.


There are so many ways in which digital technology has affected photography like photo editing for instance, artistic websites with pictures as the base, and so on and so forth. We can also look out for more trends in this domain since it is an ever-changing one.

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