How to Make Your Hair Long on Bitmoji?

If you keep yourself updated on whatever is going on the internet, you’ll know that one of the quirkiest and most popular apps out there right now is Bitmoji. It’s a craze amongst youth and elders alike. 

What is Bitmoji?

Bitmoji allows you to create your avatar or emoji with many customization options. You can pick out a variety of outfits, hairstyles, makeup, and even moods. You can use this in Snapchat and even while texting! 

Now, we all want to look beautiful, whether it’s in reality or the virtual world, and a top facet of beauty is a great hairstyle that can make or break your look. So if you have long hair or simply want your avatar to rock some long, swish hair, read on to know super-simple steps on how to get long hair on Bitmoji.

Steps on how to make your hair longer on Bitmoji

1. First, head on over to the Bitmoji app. This will open your Bitmoji main screen if you have been logged in. Now, if you’re not logged in, simply choose your login option and put in your credentials. 

2. On the main dashboard of your Bitmoji app, click on the tiny symbol in the top right corner of the page to open the editing options. There is also an alternative option where you can go to Snapchat and open your profile and press on your Bitmoji’s face. Then, you can click on edit Bitmoji. 

3. Upon clicking the button, you’ll automatically see the hairstyle section of the Bitmoji editing features. If you don’t, simply go to the Hairstyle page. 

4. Finally, choose the look that you want your Bitmoji to have by tapping on the desired option. 

5. You’re almost done! Save your changes by clicking the check sign on the top right corner. There you have it! Now you have a set of beautiful locks.

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