Why Women Suffer from Problems like Hair Loss?

Alopecia or hair loss is a problem what women of all ages suffer and thinning of hair can be a major problem for most women. Generally, women prefer to have strong, long and shiny lustrous hair and do not know the right solutions to their problems of hair loss.

To get solutions to the problem of hair loss it is important to know the major reasons for hair loss. The following are some of the problems and reasons why women suffer from hair loss:

Hair Loss

Reasons for Hair Loss in Women

Genetic Problems and Diseases

·         Hormonal imbalance can cause many problems like hair loss, weight gain, and adult acne. Such hormonal imbalance problems are common and there are medical solutions to get the hormonal imbalance in check.

·         Problems like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and other endocrine disorders also cause hair loss and a medical professional can help manage these disorders effectively.


·         There are many types of deficiencies that can cause hair problems and hair loss. These deficiencies make the hair and the roots of the hair weak which causes hair loss.

·         Iron deficiencies are a major problem that causes hair loss as iron is a major component required in producing the hair cell protein.

·         Another deficiency that causes hair loss is Vitamin B12 deficiency. Without Vitamin B12 there is a sense of feeling tired and feeling low on energy. This deficiency causes hair loss and many other health problems and it is particularly difficult for vegetarians and vegans to get this nutrient directly from their diet.

·         Other deficiencies which cause hair loss include proteins and vitamin deficiencies, calcium, selenium, copper and zinc deficiencies.

Weight Loss

·         Sometimes if a woman decides to lose weight through a crash diet or extreme exercise and losses a lot of weight in short period of time, hair loss is common fallout to such a drastic change in a person’s weight.

·         Because of dieting, the hair does not get all the nutrients it needs to remain strong and healthy.


·         As women age, their hair does not remain as vibrant and strong as it was in their youth. Hair ages just like the rest of the body and it gets finer and its strength decreases over time.

·         Age plays an important role in hair loss and there are many natural ways in which the hair can be strengthened when it starts weakening due to age.

Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism

·         Both Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism are major problems that lead to hair loss in women. Thyroid imbalance has a direct effect on the follicles of the hair which can lead to hair loss.

·         Both underactive thyroid glands and overactive thyroid glands can cause hair loss and treatment for thyroid disorders usually solve the problem in hair loss that happens as a result of these types of disorders.

The above mentioned are some of the reasons why women suffer from hair loss and diagnosing the exact reason for hair loss will help women solve the problem of hair loss. You can also check handpicked as I am hair products that help in promoting healthy hair.

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