How to make your DIY balancing scale?

We’ve all had times when we need to compare the weights of objects but have nothing to do it with. Not everybody has a weighing scale, and using the same can be an issue when we take into account small objects. To solve this problem and also impart some knowledge to your kids about balances and weights, read on to know how to make a balancing scale.

Required Materials to make your DIY balancing scale

  • Two paper or plastic cups
  • String or a thin rope
  • A notched hanger 
  • A hole puncher 
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Masking tape
  • A marker

Steps on how to make your balance scale

1. First, take your string and measure it into pieces of 1 foot each, which is 30 cm, and cut them to size. 

2. Make a small dot about one inch below the rim of each of the glasses with your marker. Take your hole puncher and punch a hole on both sides of each cup. So you should have four holes in total. Make sure that the holes all line up with each other in a straight line.

3. Now take one of the strings and tie each end of the string to each hole on one of the glasses. Do the same with the other as well. Now you should have two cups, with strings attached to them. It should now look like the strap of a handbag, with the rope attached on either hole of the cups.

4. Take your notched hanger and place it on a nail, doorknob, or hook. It should be in a high enough and stable place. Place the two cups on the notches of the hanger. If you’re unable to get a notched hanger, you can tie the strings to the hanger with tape. 

5. Your DIY balancing scale is now complete! Place the items of your choice in each of the cups and measure away to your hearts glee.

You can also refer to the following video on how to make a balance scale for kids at home

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