How to Get Free Legendary Cards in Clash Royale?

A guide for getting free legendary cards in Clash Royale or say, the cheapest way to get legendary cards is here. Yes, guys, today in this tutorial, I am going to share how will you get free legendary cards. Well, no doubt, these are very important and powerful in this game. But as you all know, powerful things are not easy to achieve.

You need to work hard and make lots of efforts to get them. So, the same goes for these powerful legendary cards. So, guys, I have prepared a tutorial for you all where I have mentioned all the possibilities to get this powerful weapon.

This tutorial will surely be going to help you and you will be able to get legendary cards free of cost. So, let’s have a look at it to see the best ways to get free legendary cards. There are few more ways to win free legendary cards, which you can find here.

3 Best Ways to Win Free Legendary Cards

Gold can be the best possible way to find the legendary cards.

Save the gems which you are getting from the chest and use them to buy the gold. This gold will help you to purchase these cards. It would be better if you will prefer them to buy on Sundays because usually, there is an epic Sunday where you all can get twice the number of cards than usual.

Keep on entering the new Arenas is helpful and pretty much good. But coming into Arena 8 can be very helpful as you will get the legendary cards on the shops itself in from Arena 8. To purchase one legendary card, you need to have 40,000 gold with you.

Buying a super magical chest from gems is another solution.

The second-best possible way to get the legendary cards is buying a super magical chest from gems. Well, this is entirely different from the first one because you must pay a little bit. You need to buy some chests with money having in the Android account. The chances of getting legendary cards in a super magical chest are huge as the 40% of the super magical chest support legendary cards.

Well, as you are spending your own money to get the cards, arena five or any greater arena is perfect. If you can’t afford to use your money, move ahead and visit free my apps. Now download some apps and get free money instead of some chests or golds. Now move ahead to earn a legendary card.

Now it’s your luck’s turn.

So, guys, now it’s time to have faith in your luck because no one can win anything against their luck. The chances of getting legendary cards inside free chests, silver or gold chests, crown chests increase once you move into the Arenas.

For instance, only the Lava Hound is available in arena 4. Moving gradually into the arenas increases the chances. And till the time you will move to arena 6, the chances of getting legendary cards to become four times. In arena 6, you can unlock Miner Ice, the Lava hound, Sparky, and Wizard.

So, the more you will enter into the arenas, the more you will be able to unlock the legendary cards. Well, apart from the legendary cards, moving into the arenas also provides you with gold, ability to request and donate more, and higher victory gold rewards.

Final Verdicts

So, guys, these are the three best possible ways to get the legendary cards. I hope you guys, found this guide useful. Well, after following any of the three methods above, you will surely not going to face any problems. All, you have to do is, work a little harder and you will win the legendary cards.

One thing, you need to remember that you can both find and buy legendary cards in clash royale. So, investing money to get them only guarantees you that you will get them. But without spending money, you need to cross the arenas and you will get the legendary cards for free.

So, it is all in this article. If you have any doubts, feel free to clear them with us. You can comment in the comment section given below. We will surely answer you and clear all your doubts. Thank You.

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