How to be More Active during Summer?

Do you usually hibernate through the summer and wait until the more pleasant weather of the fall kicks in? Or do you just spend your entire summer vacation tanning at the beach? Well, if yes, you’re missing out immensely! Summer is a season when everything comes alive and so can you, especially when you hear about all of these amazing activities you can engage in. You don’t have to do anything special—but if you have the chance to do something life-changing this summer, do it—simple things will also do just fine. Take a look. 

Start training for a marathon

Keep it old-school and start running. No matter if you really plan on running a marathon or if you just like telling people you’re preparing, running every day is an amazing exercise that will start your day on the right foot every time. Start with a brisk walk and soon you’ll be running 5ks like they’re nothing!

Hop on your bike

Hop on your bike

Even if it’s been years since you last rode a bike, this is something you never forget. So, grab a “machine” with a comfy seat and hit the city. Use the warm weather to save up some serious gas money by commuting! If you never liked bicycles, try rollerblading or skating—they are equally beneficial for you, your wallet and Mother Earth.

Climb to the top

Rock climbing is a neat way to turn nature into your private gym and playground. As long as you have a good instructor and some good gear, you’ll have a blast (and feel the burn in every muscle in your body). And when you get to the top, you’ll get to enjoy the most awesome views!

Get into water

scuba diving

If you’re lucky enough to live by the sea, make sure to use that opportunity to hit the ocean and see what lies underneath. If you’re a beginner, all you need is a good instructor and some quality scuba diving gear that will take you down and keep you safe as you explore the underwater world. Diving is a perfect activity for both extroverts and introverts and all those in between who want to fill their summer with some peace, serenity and new-found knowledge of the marine world.

Join a club

See if your city organizes any amateur sports leagues and join a club. Show everyone what you got on the court or field and you might even snatch a trophy or two! Those who aren’t made for team sports there’s always bowling or archery that will allow your mind to focus and relax. Plus, they are much more demanding on the body than you might think!

Play with your toys outside

Play with your toys

Are you one of us geeks who rather sit inside and play with your gadgets and toys? You can still do that, only outside! Grab a professional remote-controlled toy and get ready to have a blast while in nature (what???) Or, you can buy a cheap metal detector and go exploring in your local park, beach or even your own garden. A lot of things are buried and forgotten!

Try role-play

Are you most comfortable playing D&D with your friends or having video game adventures? Well, you can do that in real life and try LARPing. You can probably find a local Live Action Role Play group in your area, get some superhero action and make a lot of amazing friends in the process.

Party at summer festivals

summer festivals

Your city probably hosts dozens of great (and free) events during the summer. At this time of year, you can find music playing in every park, country fairs on every square and other fun events that will get you out of the house and on your feet!

Have a summer cleaning event

You don’t really have to leave your house in order to be more active. Check out your house and you’ll see that there’s a lot to do. Your garage might need cleaning, your gutters need unplugging and your front door needs repainting. This will definitely allow you to shed some calories and boost your house’s curb appeal. If you want to clean up more than just your house, you can try plogging. This Swedish term involves walking in nature and picking up trash wherever you find it. This amazing activity will not only provide you with exercise but also help the world stay clean—sounds amazing!

Tame the jungle in your backyard

jungle in your backyard

Is your backyard looking more like a rural than an urban environment? It’s time to grab some sheers and tame that jungle. Enjoying fresh air and sunshine as you lift bags of fertilizer and pushing carts of dead grass, branches and other garbage will be a great exercise for your body and mind. Gardening is hard yet rewarding work! See? You don’t have to travel to a different part of the world to have fun and active summer. Some of the best activities can be found right in your area, your city or even in your own backyard. So, check out these ideas and you’ll have the best summer so far!

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