How to add a donate button on Twitch?

The drastic rise in the trends of gaming and streaming platforms has already given rise to a multi-million dollar industry. Adding to this, the industry generates millions every year from donations and sponsors who contribute to the same.

However, when it comes to adding a Twitch donate button as streaming, a lot of users get confused about the same. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the most popular methods that you can use for the purpose.

By using Twitch bits

It is one of the most popular ways to receive donations on Twitch. Bits are a form of animated cheering characters that you can send to your favorite streamer as a token of appreciation or directly dedicate it to them. However, you need to use the SUPPORT YOUR STREAMER button to enable this function.

To use this feature, you first need to purchase them and use them in LIVE chat. You can also earn a special badge, which will be visible in the LIVE chat. So, the more bits you spend, the higher badge you receive in the chat.

Adding donor box donation option

Another way to receive duration directly into your bank is by using third party applications that you can connect with your Twitch account. One such way is using a donor box in multiple currencies and with multiple payment options that support the system. The software can be accessed in over 25 countries, with around 40,000 companies already using it to receive donations online.

Adding PayPal donation button

If you are looking for a convenient, and secure online payment platform to enable donation on Twitch, PayPal can be a good option. Using the PayPal donation option, you can easily access the donation form and link the same to your Twitch stream.

Adding cryptocurrency donation box

Yes, that may sound new, but cryptocurrency is one of the ways to accept donations from other Twitch users. To accept cryptocurrency, you need to sign up for any crypto wallet website and make your account eligible. However, make sure you specify the name of cryptocurrency while registering with your account.

Sending and receiving donations over Twitch used to be a hectic task for the users. However, the process is not as much complicated as it seems. You can easily do so by trying out the above-mentioned methods to send and receive donations over Twitch.

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