How to view deleted Reddit comments

Reddit is no ordinary platform nowadays. Over a billion online users use Reddit for sending messages. You can extract any sort of information from Reddit irrespective of the content and without having to disclose your identity.

The online platform gives you the freedom to comment on posts and other desired photos and content. Most Reddit users find it difficult to view deleted comments on posts. By the end of this article, you’ll get to know how to view such deleted Reddit comments. 

Reasons for comments or posts being deleted

Before you get to how to view them there might be a specific reason for the comment not being visible. Some of the major reasons for comments being deleted may be because the comment might have not met privacy policy or it might have been flagged. A comment also gets deleted when the user deletes his account.

There is a surplus amount of information available on Reddit and a billion users have access to it on a daily basis. Despite comments being deleted, there are ways through which you can check out on the deleted comments.

3 ways to view deleted posts and comments

There are three ways through which you can view deleted posts and comments. Without any dawdling, keep reading to get to know how to access Reddit’s deleted posts. 

1. Removeddit

The best way to view deleted posts is through the Removeddit website. You can find all the cache in the website thereby giving you the access to any post you want. The posts can be viewed by using the search engine on the website.

2. Resavr

When it comes to viewing deleted comments you can’t find a better website than Resavr. But the thing with Resavr is that it only gives access to comments that have more than 650 characters. This is to prevent storing excess data in the website. Any comment with more than 650 characters is considered useful.

3. Ceddit

Ceddit is a website that is similar to Removeddit. But it gives access to only deleted comments. Unlike Resavr, Ceddit saves all the comments but at times it misses out on capturing some of the deleted comments.


We hope that this article served the very purpose it was meant for and helped you get an insight on how to access deleted comments and posts. You no more have to worry about losing any further information on Reddit.

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