Hoverwatch: A Spy Tracking App for Android, and PC

Along with the perks of the digital age, there are hitches too. The spy app Hoverwatch is a tracking device found in the online market that would keep track of the activities in a smartphone.

With the advancement in digitalization, there has been an increase in crime too. Be it a case of cyberbullying or be it a case of fraud, mobile tracking apps help a lot in finding and tracking all mishaps and controlling them. These apps are gaining popularity at a constant rate and Hoverwatch is one of them. 

A user might be a parent worried about his/her child or there might be a boss wanting to track an employee’s location during office hours. All these reasons are justified and such mobile tracking apps like Hoverwatch come around as a useful tool for the users. 

Hoverwatch: Usefulness And Features

Founded in the year 2002, by the brand Hoverwatch, this app operates on all platforms like windows, ios, and android. This app provides services like parental control solutions and employee job management and tracking. According to research, from the year 2014, this app has been installed in almost 196 countries worldwide and almost 12 million devices. 

It quietly operates in the back of the targeted phone and successfully delivers information to the host phone without the targeted phone user being aware. Hoverwatch app targets in providing better solutions to the users in terms of securing their commercial and intellectual properties.

Features Of Hoverwatch

Online Camera Tracking

Online camera tracking is one useful feature of this app. If the phone of the targeted user has a camera, then the host phone will be able to click pictures through the target phone without the user’s knowledge.

For the parents wanting to know what their kids are doing on their smartphones, there is a good piece of information. Through this app, the parents would be able to track and check the internet history of their kids and know if they are up to any mischief.

For the lovers or wedded couples who have enough reasons to doubt their partners or are concerned about them, this app would be of great use. The mobile tracking app will record all the incoming and outgoing calls of the targeted phone and gives the host access to them. However, we do not promote domestic violence and are strictly against it.

Messages Tracking

All sorts of messages like text messages or WhatsApp messages can be tracked through this mobile tracking app. This also includes audio and video files.

This tracking app also helps the users access the location of the targeted phone. The user might be a concerned parent, a family member, or a lover who just needs to know that their loved ones are safe. With this app, the user can track the phone even if the GPS and wifi are off on the targeted phone. This app tracks using nearby towers.

Sim Card Removal/Replacement

Lastly, this app also helps in detecting the time of removing or replacing a sim card in a phone. This is one useful service provided by Hoverwatch.


Hoverwatch is an app that is invisible and cannot be seen or detected. This app has been positively accepted by millions worldwide who love their dear ones and ensure their safety. 

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