Where Is The 404 Area Code Located?

The 404 area code is for the United States state of Georgia which serves 500,000 residents of Atlanta. The population of the metropolitan is around 5.8 million.

Atlanta is on the East Coast portion of the United States, and the code area 404 is present in the Eastern time zone. Many other local area codes of Atlanta like 470, 678, 706, and 770 area codes are within the local area. They have no-distance charges for calls from one part to the other part of the region. 

This code area serves as a cultural and economic hub. It has several major corporations located in that vicinity, and it also serves Clayton, DeKalb, Fulton, Cobb, and Gwinnett countries. This area code is known as an enclave code as it is entirely covered by area code 770. This covers many countries in North Georgia and Atlanta’s Suburbs.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Area Code?

  • By using area code, you can expand your business to a new virtual location with a local phone number only.
  • You will get competitive prices that are offered by Global Call Forwarding and will let your business save wherever it matters the most.
  • Area code is helpful and uses virtual phone numbers for tracking marketing efforts and advertisements in specific areas.
  • You may have your business global, but the phone number with a local area code will be more personable and credible for your potential clients.
  • By using local area code, your virtual phone number can appear on the ID of the caller whenever you make outbound calls so that your personal information stays safe.
  • You will be able to use advanced features like time of day and geographic route to ensure someone answers and not to miss a single beat.

Why Do You Need To Get A 404 Area Code Phone Number For Business?

People choose Atlanta because of its low cost of living and convenient transportation options and also for its diverse and skilled population. This is the main reason to start any new business, and surely it will rapidly grow.

Entrepreneurs can extend business to Atlanta even without resisting or relocating it by only investing in a 404 area code. You will be able to manage your virtual phone number remotely online, and your team can work from anywhere.

As a local number, it is easily recognizable to customers, and that helps them more likely to answer a call for your business growth.

How To Get 404 Area Code Number?

In order to access the area code number 404 as a foreign business, you will need to look out for a well expert and qualified telecom service provider. Telecom service providers will offer Atlanta Virtual Phone Numbers which allow gaining touch with your customers immediately.

You have to put your virtual phone numbers to enable the businesses and to gain access to the 404 area code.


Virtual phone numbers will let your foreign business gain an authentic presence without setting any brick or rock. Your companies can blend into a target market and will stand out of the crowd without paying for overheads.

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