Five Best Mobile Apps Security Testing Tools in 2020

Today, Smartphone users prefer to handle all the finances and crucial data through mobile apps. But on the other hand, now, globally 6 trillion dollars are stolen annually by cyber theft. For the security of your mobile apps, here we have listed here 5 best mobile apps security testing tools in 2020 that can save you from malicious attackers.

Now, Hackers are moving towards mobile banking apps. So, mobile apps require the same security as desktop systems. There are more than 3 million apps available on Google Play Store. Google Play store has categorized apps into 33 types whereas Apple categorizes it into 24 types. Apps are blocked due to malicious content and not fulfilling the preventive criteria.

The authentication process, authorization, performance, security, and more functions are used in the testing process.

Here is listed our top picked five best mobile apps Security testing tools.


Linux security experts founded QARK in 2013. QARK security provides its service in different sectors from defense to commerce. The advanced technology of QARK solves all problems of mobile apps and computer systems.

It has a separate unit for mobile users, and this unit manages the Security Enhancement (SE) policies of android. This testing tool will also give you a diagnostic report of problems, and used to monitor threats in systems.

Android Debug Bridge

From the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) tool, you can do an installation, communicate with the target device, debug, and many more. From this tool, you can run commands on your device to make changes in it.

Also, you can troubleshoot problems through this device. ADB used to communicate through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. This tool can go deep into your system through shell commands.


Through Drozer you can communicate with other apps. The medium for communication would be Android’s Inter-Process Communication (IPC). Drozer is not fully automated, but this is interactive in nature. In this tool users have to run command lines then Drozer will send special tasks to eliminate risks.


CodifiedSecurity is new in the security market. This tool follows a different way to solve problems. CodifiedSecurity analysis can give you an instant health report of your app. It automatically detects the issues that are potential threats to your app.


OWASP stands for “Open Web Application Security Project”. This organization is dedicated to the security of apps. The OWASP uses a proxy to gain access to your whole app or website, then it generates a detailed report over the issues faced by your website or app.

OWASP not only outlines the issues but it gives information about resolving the errors. The OWASP uses Google cloud to host source code. So you need not worry about data loss.


Every tool has some advantages over other tools. But we can compare these tools by their number of services and the authenticity of the testing report. The best one could be QARK because it not only gives you a security report but it also gives you a solution for it. Hence in these 5 Best mobile apps security testing tools in 2020, we can say QARK can perform better than tools.

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