How To Increase Download Speed

Have you ever experienced buffering while watching your favorite content on the Internet? This is the most irritating thing that happens to Internet speed. We assure you that at that time you wonder about how to increase download speed to avoid these internet hurdles.

Reasons For Low Internet Speed

There can be much reason for the Slow internet speed which can be resolved by some simple practices. Check out some of them:

Check The Speed

As soon as you suffer from slow internet then the very first thing to do is to check the internet speed. you can check it from various speed checking sites and take a speed test. This will give an idea of internet speed.

Check On Another System

Sometimes the problem is in the system and not the router. Check the internet on another system to know that the problem is in the router or your computer.

Wireless Signals

If we talk about wifi signals, then the internet speed may be good but the wireless signals are not connecting with the system properly.

Reset The Setting

It’s time to do the modem reset because sometimes due to various settings the signal got weak and they give a slow performance.

Virus Attack

The virus on the system kills the internet performance. This is also the reason for the slow internet.

How To Test Your Internet Speed?

If you get your internet speed slow then it is important to check the speed. This will help you to know whether you are properly getting speed or not. There are many sites to check the internet speed such as or any other similar websites. The speed of the internet is referred through MBps and Mbps.

Effective Ways To Speed Up Your Internet

There are some basic things that you can apply to your internet router to increase the download speed. There are sufficient answers to your question, How to increase download speed!


To enhance download speed, it’s best recommended that you should restart your system. Restarting a system auto-fixes a few of the bugs alongside the system renews with the normal downloading speed. A user may quickly restart their system via clicking that power button on a Windows menu and clicking on the option of “Restart.” 

Run the Troubleshooter

One possible way out to go on and increase the download speed is via running the troubleshooter. It’s possible that the potential reason for a slow download speed may be a few system drivers, as it may be causing the abnormality in the downloading process. One can go on to run “Network troubleshooter.”

Upgrade the Data Plans

At times, even making a hardware change and looking for a drivers’ error does not impact the download speed. In rare cases, a user is required to upgrade data plans and also switch to data plans offering a higher internet speed.

Virus Scan

Do the deep virus scan because sometimes the virus kills the resources which slow down the system as well as internet speed.

Problem With Cordless Phones

In many cases, it is seen that cordless phones do not provide proper internet speed. Replace the cordless with normal landline phones.

Privacy Setting

Sometimes, the wifi password is distributed to many systems which also slows down the internet speed. Reset your password to maintain the usage of the internet.

Ask Your Internet Provider

Call your internet provider and ask to fix the problems.

It has certain advantages such as:

  • Better network speed.
  • Smooth performance
  • Higher resolution in video calls and several other streaming videos.
  • No buffering problems, that saves time and even keeps the task very much in continuity.
  • It’s time-efficient

To know more, you may look over the web.

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