Different Types Of Truck Bull Bars To Choose From

Bull bars are not a new term any more. They have become very common. These bull bars have an important role to play in ensuring the safety of the vehicle. This blog will be a value addition to your information about bull bars and its different types. 

If you own a truck, you should invest in two 4WD accessories that are essential for protecting your truck. One of them is Bull Bar, and the other is grille guards. Bull Bars are either steel or metal grills attached to the front portion of the truck to protect it from unwanted damages. These accessories do not add much bleakness to the truck but provide excellent protection to the front of your truck.

People should be well aware of truck bull bars and grille guards before investing money in them. There are different bars and guards available in the market, and each has its features. Here we are providing a list below with all the details of each of the truck bull bars and guards.

Different Types Of Bull Bars

Full Grille Guards

The full grille guards possess a pair of center uprights that can be mounted easily to the truck’s frame. It also has side brush guards that protect the headlights of the truck. The brush guards also protect the front and side of the truck from any damages. If front-end protection is your primary requirement, then these guards are an ideal choice for you. These heavy-duty guards give a different excel to your vehicle. The wrap-around look of these guards makes it a delightful choice.

Centre Grille Guards

The centre grille guards are slightly diverse from full grille guards as it does not have a wrap-around look, shine, and side brush guards. Yet, the centre grille guards are a favorite choice for many owners because of its central design. When you are ordering a center grille guard, you can also buy headlights alongside it.

Skid Plated Bull Bars

The skid plated truck bull bars are made of hard steel metal. The bottom of the bar is made by mixing different pieces of steel sheets by welding or bolting. The skid plates are removable, so you can remove them if you do not want to change the look of your truck. These bars protect the bumper of the truck from any debris or pebbles. It also protects the truck from curbs, big rocks, and tall parking barriers.

Rear Guards

We often neglect the back-end of the truck. But protecting the back-end of the truck equally important. The rear guards provide complete protection to the bumper of your truck. A rear bumper guard can shield the truck in case you face any infamous accident. This will also save a lot of cost on replacing the bumpers. These rocky protections are very much essential for the rear bumpers. 

Concluding Thoughts

Regardless of the type of bull bar, you decide to buy, and the bars must be certified by the Government. Under the law, the bars must possess strength, rigidity and must also be pedestrian-safe If you own a 4WD vehicle, then you must invest money on truck bull bars and grille guards and you should also have an airbag complaint within them.

After fixing these issues, you may now concentrate on all the other accessories like spotlights, antennas, winch kits, and more. A bull bar is essential if you live in rural areas or away from the big cities.If you own a 4WD vehicle, then you must invest money on truck bull bars and grille guards to keep your vehicle safe from dents and accidents.

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