Drive Away CoronaVirus With These Gift Ideas for Siblings

Needless to say, 2020 has been a challenging year and has affected everyone mentally and physically. COVID-19 has changed our daily routine, lifestyle, and habits. Festivals are no longer the same.

You cannot step out of the house to buy sweets, rakhi gifts for brother and sister. People now remember the old days when they went shopping and also the small retailers who used to rely on this period to make a major part of their sales. But, time has changed since the pandemic. It is not safe for any of us to step out of our homes.

Raksha Bandhan is approaching but the situation is getting complicated due to the pandemic. But it does not mean that you will miss the opportunity to make your sibling feel loved due to social distancing and other restrictions. In this time of social distancing, when we can’t see our friends and family in person, delivering a gift to a loved one’s door is a special way to show that they are in your thoughts. Here are gift ideas that will keep coronavirus at bay.


And hey, isn’t Rakhi about protecting your loved ones? Safety comes first! Get the perfect picture with your siblings even wearing masks. Be their fashion stylist and help them match the mask with their outfit. Face masks have become more of an accessory than a means of protecting oneself from the virus.

People are seen wearing matching face masks or designer masks to elevate the overall look. You can gift a customized face mask to your brother. Get their initials embroidered on it. A pack of face masks in assorted colours, which match their clothes, will make them stylish in public. In addition, face masks guarantee protection from the coronavirus.

Immunity Boosting Food

Strong immunity will make you win against coronavirus. Give your sibling a basket full of immunity-boosting foods like coconut water, citrus fruits, nuts, detoxifying juices, and healthy snacks etc. will surely strengthen your sibling’s immune system.

A health checkup

The perfect gift during the time of pandemic is a full-body health check. Get a blood test done to check for any nutritional deficiencies, blood pressure, HbA1c, cholesterol and other necessary tests that can best inform your sibling about his/her health and then take immediate action.

A virtual gym membership

As an evolving species, we need to harness the benefits of survival in the 21st century. And at the present time, you really don’t even have to leave your house to enjoy a good workout. There are a number of apps that will make sure your brother breaks a sweat.


Nowadays the trend of cycling is gaining momentum. Mornings and evenings now feature many cyclists on the road, paving the way for good health and fitness. If your siblings are fond of cycling, then gift them a cycle on this Raksha Bandhan or just like that. You can even take them with you to buy one of your choices. Cycling is an effective form of cardio exercise that can also help relieve stress.

Sanitizer bottles

Sanitization is very important if we want to win from coronavirus. Your brother values cleanliness and hygiene, and hence, you gift him portable sanitizer bottles. Your sibling can keep it with him at all times. You can ever get them customized with their name or a message. 

Online gift

Long-distance Rakhi is not new for those brothers and sisters who have been away due to job, education and marriage. But during the coronavirus outbreak, it is advised to avoid going to the local shops on the streets to buy gifts. Don’t worry, many online portals are still functional and they can come to your rescue.

Hope you find the article useful and follow the guidelines and rules of coronavirus. Get vaccinated and get your family and friends vaccinated and maintain social distancing. Get your siblings one of the above gifts on the upcoming occasion and wish them great health and happiness. Happy gifting!

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