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With the onset of the pandemic early this year, the binge-watching scene has become much popular. Also, digitalization and fast internet, helps you to watch shows of all types of the genre with your friends and family. was one such website that used to stream all the old and latest TV shows and was available in both app and website format. But, in July 2019 suddenly the website shut down and left the users disheartened.

What happened to

With, the users were able to watch their favorite shows and videos with their friends and peers even when not at the same place or the same city.

The best thing about this app or website was that this supported various entertainment apps like Netflix, Youtube, Twitch, and a few more. In July 2019 this site was declared as permanently closed. But not to worry because there are multiple alternatives that would provide the same quality and entertainment feel.

Best Alternatives for


Invited is one of the best alternatives for Here, on this site, you and your friends can create rooms for yourselves and you can control the virtual browser one by one even sitting at different places.

In this, you get access to higher quality video and audio for all types of shows. And, like here also you can get access to various apps or websites like Netflix, Crave, etc.


This is one more useful alternative. This site also allows the viewers to enjoy streaming videos in sync with their friends at a time.

To create separate rooms for yourselves, you also don’t have to sign up here. Once you create your chat room, then you are given access to invite as many of your friends as to join.

The sites that can be streamed in Watch2gether are Amazon, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Youtube, and Facebook.  Through this app, you can also listen to music through the Sound cloud.


Kosmi is an app or a site that helps in hanging out with friends virtually. Just create a room in Kosmi and then communicate with your peers easily through a webcam or chat.

The best thing is, there is no signing process. Also, Kosmi allows the viewers to not only watch live streaming of videos and movies like, but also allows the users to play games with friends and also share screen space. Anyone can join the room created by the users.


Metastream is an app that offers the users with benefits like on-screen chat, quick user management, and video queuing too.

The technology of Metastream is developed with the motive of providing an upgraded streaming experience. Just like, this platform also streams shows from various apps and channels like Amazon, Netflix, Youtube, etc.

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